Six 3-Ingredient Burger Recipes

Six 3-Ingredient Burger Recipes

June 29, 2017 | Chanie Nayman

Believe me, while we’re always up for a good patchka, some days we need a quickie recipe that yields amazing results in minutes. Here are some of our favorite 3 ingredient flavor enhancers that you can add to your regular ground beef to kick your burgers up a notch or three!


  1. Splash of Soy sauce + sprinkle of fresh or dried basil + crushed garlic clove

  2. Squeeze of ketchup + hefty sprinkle of seasoned salt + splash of soy sauce 

  3. Loads of sautéed onions + fresh parsley + kosher salt

  4. Diced raw onion + teriyaki sauce + dried mushroom powder (or if you're not a purist, mushroom soup mix)

  5. Crispy beef fry + sauteed onions + hefty pinch of Trader Joe's coffee rub

  6. Generous squeeze of sriracha + sprinkle of dried ginger+ dollop of Bone Suckin Sauce

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