Baked Apples with Maple Sauce and Walnut Crunch

Recipe By Estee Kafra Estee Kafra
  • Cook & Prep: 3.5 h
  • Serving: 6
  • Contains:

These baked apples are worthwhile just for the smell they produce. This is a great Friday night or cold winter evening dessert.

Ingredients (15)

For the Apples

For the Walnut Crunch

Start Cooking

Prepare the Apples

  1. Peel the top third of every apple and core halfway down the center.

  2. Mix the raisins, cranberries, or dried currants, brown sugar, and cinnamon in a small bowl and fill each cavity with the mix.

  3. Place in a slow cooker. Pour the maple syrup over the apples.

  4. In another bowl, dissolve the brown sugar in the cider, and pour into the slow cooker as well. Place the cinnamon stick into the liquid.

  5. Cover and cook on low for about three hours. Keep warm until ready to serve. Top with some sauce and a spoonful of walnut crunch.

Prepare the Walnut Crunch

  1. Preheat oven to 325°F (170°C). Mix all ingredients and spread out on cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, stirring once.

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  • Gitty Weinberger

    Baked Apples with Maple Sauce and Walnut Crunch

    making this in advance for Yom tov?

    this recipe sounds really Yummy. I'm wondering how I would work with it if I wanted to do it in advance, not on Yom tov? would I just bake it and warm it up on the blech? also, I'm wondering how to create a healthier version of the walnut crunch? and finally, can this be served as a side - dish or only as a dessert? thanks so much
    Posted by Gitty Weinberger |April 14, 2017
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