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Raizy Fried

Raizy Fried
Raizy Fried is a recipe developer, food stylist and food photographer.
She is a very passionate homemaker and is known for her popular instagram page @raizyscookin where she shares her joys and wisdom of creating quality family time and great meals.
"I’m a mom-of-two, I do laundry, clean up spills, always alert that my toddler is away from the toilet bowl & cook dinner every day for my husband and kids. That’s that! Sorry if you were waiting to hear some kind of a more impressive description. Whatever I do, the bottom line is: who I do it for, right?
Anyway, I like sharing simple, fast and easy dinner ideas. My goal is to not overcomplicate things, yet to make women bid their mundane “chicken-potatoes-dinner” farewell, as I come to you with alternatives!"

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