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16 Healthier Snacks Kids Will Love For School

16 Healthier Snacks Kids Will Love For School

Back to school season is officially here. Amongst all the shopping there is to do, don’t overlook the food preparation that comes with the day-to-day school season. And that means SNACKS!

“Junk food” is easy to come by, and fruits and veggies are always great, but if you’re looking for healthier snacks that your kids can just grab-and-go, then this post is for you.

If your kids would enjoy dried watermelon chips, pickle chips, tropical fruit strips, and avocado toast snackers, then keep reading for our complete list of snacks that you and your kids will feel great about eating!

  1. Sea Castle Seaweed Snacks
    This seaweed snack is a total superfood! It’s organic, Keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten free. It’s a great wholesome snack, containing only 3 basic ingredients, is perfect for packing in a lunchbox, and is a nice change from your average kids snack. It also doesn’t hurt that the packaging is beautiful.
  2. Sabra Snackers
    Another great packaged snack, these Sabra snackers won’t get crushed in a backpack and have a built-in container for hummus. They come in tasty flavors like roasted garlic and roasted red pepper, are satisfying, and are the all-around perfect on-the-go snack!
  3. Fruit By Pesha Dehydrated Watermelon
    If you’ve tried Fruits by Pesha’s dehydrated fruit, then you know how much of a treat these are. Watermelon is an automatic win for kids, but the brand also sells a variety of other fruits like pineapple, mango, and mixed fruit. The fruit has the perfect chewy consistency and fruity taste and smell, and is, of course, healthy! Just think of these as a healthy fruit roll-up!

  4. Chifles Plantain Chips
    These are ADDICTING. They are basically potato chips that are thicker, gives you more of a mouthful, and are slightly sweeter. They go well with sweet or savory dips, and make for great nachos – the perfect after-school snack, just saying.
  5. Gefen Cherry Apple Sauce Pouch
    It’s a staple in pretty much every kid’s lunchbox- so don’t forget to buy a bundle! We call them fruit on the go- they are the perfect “fruit” snack that requires no peeling or slicing, is slim and lightweight so it fits into any bag, goes great with any lunch, and is liked by even the pickiest of eaters. These are all around the perfect pick-me-up for kids.
  6. Gefen Gluten-Free Tea Biscuits
    We all know this classic biscuit cookie, but in case you forgot, they’re the perfect snack to add into your snack repertoire. It gives kids the feeling they’re eating a cookie, without any of the sprinkles, sweet frostings, fillings, or dyes.
  7. Haddar Mini Pretzels
    You can’t have a healthy snack article without including a great pretzel. Although nothing unique, pretzels are a MUST. These are mini, which are perfect for little fingers. They are low fat and cholesterol free, and 100% delicious.
  8. Gefen Granola Bars
    These granola bars are sweet, crunchy, and contain 21 grams of whole grains, making them the perfect high-energy snack for kids. They are “nutty” without any of the nuts, and are great as is or crumbled on top of yogurt!
  9. Haddar Garlic Dill Pickle Chips Pouch
    One of our favorite picks on this list, these really pack a punch! They are gluten free, vegan, fat free, and oh-so delicious! They come in an adorable 3 oz bag, and as the packaging states, are “perfectly packable pickles”!
  10. Haddar Multigrain Rice Chips
    Naturally gluten free, low fat, zero sugar, and vegan, these multigrain rice chips are perfectly crispy, hearty, and are almost a hybrid of popcorn and potato chips. It’s the perfect snack to give your kid during the week when they’re tired of the usual roundup of snacks.
  11. Heaven and Earth Vegetable Chips
    These are for the kids who are willing to give new foods a try. Once they taste the sweet flavors the chips offer, they may just get hooked on them. They taste similar to potato chips, and while each vegetable chip has its own flavor, they all share that sweet and crunchy bite.
  12. Heaven and Earth Fruit Strips
    These will probably be your kid’s favorite snack on this list, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Heaven and Earth always knows how to make their foods stand out. With these fruit snacks having no added colors or sugars, no nuts or gluten, and being vegan friendly, you’ll probably find yourself packing this in the lunchbox very often.
  13. Mighty Sesame Tahini Bars
    Tahini bars! It’s no secret that tahini is a superfood. These bars are a great source of fiber and protein, have only 100 calories per serving, are mini- the perfect size for little kiddos – and come in a few different flavors! Studded with chocolate, most kids will probably love the “cocoa nibs“ flavor best!
  14. Sabra Avocado Toast
    Avocado toast on the go without the mess? Yes, please! These make for a great brunch, snack, or lunch side for the kids (and you!), and will make any lunch extra delicious-looking!