5 Best Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

Goldy Buxbaum September 21, 2023

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Fall is the most underrated season of the year.

Summer’s hot, winter’s freezing, and spring weather is like a moody teenager.

That leaves us with fall. Pleasant crisp days with low humidity.

More than that, routine sets in, freeing up time to appreciate special fall activities. But hurry up and get on it before we move the clock and the days become even shorter.

Fall is a short season. Blink and you’ll miss it.

5 Best Activities To Enjoy In The Fall:

1. Fall Harvest:

There’s a reason fall is the harvest season. It’s the time when fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for picking!

It’s the ideal time of year for a trip to a local farm for some apple and vegetable picking.

Apples, corn, and all different types of squash are so much fun to pick and even more awesome to enjoy.

For added fun make some of these delicious kid-friendly recipes with your new bounty:

Mini Apple Pies

Butternut Squash Bread

Hot Apple Cobbler with Ice Cream

2. Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers Pumpkin:

Head out to a pumpkin patch near you.

Other than using them to create yummy things like pumpkin muffins or pumpkin pie, why not use them in a fun way?

Pick out pumpkins of various sizes and bring them home. Set them out on the table and, with paint and brushes, have everyone paint and decorate their pumpkins. Show off your works of art by placing them outside your front door.

3. An Earful Of Corn:

Ever done a corn maze?

They are lots of fun if you enjoy getting lost. Kidding, they’re always fun.

In case you’re not familiar, it’s a maze cut out in a corn field that you get to walk through. You start at the entrance and have to find your way out.

Sounds simple, but it can be challenging when the stalks are tall enough they’re almost impossible to see over. In other words, good luck.

When you do make it out, which you will ’cuz you’re not a quitter, enjoy watching others attempt to navigate it. People watching at its best.

4. Take A Hike:

Seriously, take a hike.

Fall is beautiful. Close your eyes and think of fall. See the vibrant colors of red and fiery orange?

Surround yourself with all that beauty for miles and miles.

Hiking is so refreshing and good ‘ole healthy fun that’s budget friendly. By budget-friendly, I mean free.

There’s a glorious world of mountains out there, and even awesome local parks waiting for you to come and enjoy. The only thing stopping you from getting out is yourself.

Hiking is great all year long, but it’s best in the fall. The foliage, fresh crisp air, plus the crunch of the leaves is something else.

Up and out, where are you headed off to?

5. Leave The Best For Last:

Here are some ways to enjoy fall right out your front door. (That’s why it’s the best – no need to pile everyone into the car.)

  •  Get the leaves all in a huge pile in the center of the yard.

Jump around on the leaves and listen and feel them crunch beneath your feet.
Throw the leaves up in the air and watch them descend all around you. Give a twirl while you’re at it, ’cuz, why not.
Lie down in the bed of leaves – or, if you dare, bury yourself in it.
Now, gather the leaves that got away and repeat.

It’s like a ball pit, only better.

  • For an easy and fun activity, take a few nice-shaped leaves and lay them out. Place a sheet of paper on top of the leaves and color with a crayon all over the paper. Watch as the outline of the leaves with all their veins show up on the sheet.
  • Fill up a few bags of dry leaves. Tie a knot and step all over them until your leaves resemble matzo meal. Outline a picture on a sheet of paper with school glue and sprinkle the crushed leaves on top. Shake off the excess and you have a fun, pretty picture.
  • One more great idea is to paint the leaves themselves and let them dry. When the paint has dried, glue or tie a thin string on each of them to create a beautiful hanging ornament full of leaves.

How cool is that?

Time passed cannot be brought back. Make the most out of this time of the year. Try any activity – and for maximum results of time well spent, try them all. You won’t regret it, I promise.


As the founder of Slay Copy Inc, Goldy Buxbaum helps business service providers reach more clients by combining business strategy with web writing. Check her out on Linkedin to see how you can grow your business.