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5 Reasons to Always Have Coconut Chips in the Pantry

5 Reasons to Always Have Coconut Chips in the Pantry


Want to know what we’re loving right now? Coconut chips in everything! Ok, maybe not everything, but you would be surprised at how Gefen coconut chips can take your favorite dishes up a notch and instantly channel some summer vibes. You may be tempted to snack on them straight from the bag (chocolate flavor!), and there’s no reason not to—especially since they’re all natural, gluten free, and just delicious!


Here are 5 reasons coconut chips need to make it into your pantry pronto!

  1. Açaí Breakfast Bowl is seriously the breakfast dreams are made of! What’s an açaí bowl? In case you’ve been living under a rock, an acai bowl is basically a really thick smoothie made with açaí berry, a superfood from Brazil that is incredibly healthy—not to mention amazing when blended with banana and blueberry. Top it with Gefen coconut chips for added crunch, then add granola, peanut butter, or whatever else suits your fancy and prepare to be wowed. And full.

  2. For the easiest, healthy grab-and-go snack, try this awesome trail mix by Rorie Weisberg, (a Food Fight finalist!) using Gefen coconut chips, mixed nuts, dried chickpeas, and whatever else your family enjoys. Be sure to have this prepackaged in mini parchment bags (fancy) or in snack sized Ziploc bags, and you will be well-armed for family trips, post-swim hunger cravings, and long summer days.

  3. Goodbye sprinkles, hello coconut chips! Coconut chips are the perfect garnish to top off a delicious brownie or chocolate fudge cake like this one. Yum!

  4. We’re all looking for easy, delicious no-bake ideas and this is one of our new favorites- raw coconut date truffles. All natural and high in protein, this will be your go-to snack to satisfy any craving!

  5. This Coconut Lime Sorbet screams summer. Plus it’s 3 ingredients! Serve it in an actual coconut and garnish with Gefen coconut flakes and you have a refreshing dessert with total wow factor!