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7 Delicious Sandwiches To Enjoy With Heaven & Earth’s New Sourdough Rolls!

7 Delicious Sandwiches To Enjoy With Heaven & Earth's New Sourdough Rolls!

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Ever since lockdown began, sourdough has been the “it” food to bake and enjoy at home.


For those of you who love sourdough but aren’t familiar with the science behind it, sourdough doesn’t use traditional yeast. It relies on a “starter” made of flour and water, fermented by wild yeast and lactobacillus bacteria.


Baking sourdough is definitely a cool project and is great if you have the time and patience it requires, but for most of us, you lost us at “starter.”


Even though you don’t have the time it takes to bake sourdough from scratch, it doesn’t mean you can’t have warm fresh bread on your table.



With Heaven & Earth’s BRAND NEW Sourdough Challah Rolls, all you have to do is warm them up and enjoy! Plus, they are also Kemach Yoshon, are incredibly soft and delicious, and so incredibly versatile! Use them for Hamotzi on Shabbat, wrap them with dips and give as a gift, or add in your favorite sandwich fixings and enjoy for lunch or dinner.


Below are some delicious sandwich fillings that would go perfectly with Heaven & Earth’s Sourdough rolls!



We hope you enjoy!


  1. Chicken Breast Baguette Sandwich by Mighty Sesame Co.
    A few minutes on the stovetop and you’ll have yourself a hearty, filling chicken sandwich.
  2. Pulled Chicken Sandwiches by Draizy Wercberger
    This is a very kid-friendly meal, lighter than beef-based meatball or sloppy joe sandwiches, and a super easy supper to prepare.
  3. Hummus Toasts 4 Ways by Jenna Grunfeld
    Get trendy with these 4 Israeli-inspired Hummus toasts. Whether for breakfast, snack, or any time of day, these easy, protein-packed toasts are so addictive, you’ll never turn back!
  4. Turkey & Avocado Sandwich with Herby Slaw and Mustard-Mayo by Victoria Dwek
    I make a sandwich like this almost everyday for my husband for lunch. Turkey is often my go-to because it’s the easiest and healthiest protein to include, and there’s always a creamy dressing or whole grain mustard along with something crunchy, like this herby slaw full of fresh parsley.
  5. Salmon Sub Sliders by Brynie Greisman
    Canned salmon, punched up with shallots and mustard, makes up these savory sliders. The piquant dressing and sliced veggies complete this sensational sandwich.
  6. Honey Mustard Barbecue Steak Sandwiches by Zehava Krohn
    Melt-in-your-mouth steak served in a baguette with plenty of honey-mustard onion sauce. Truly a crowd-pleaser.
  7. Teriyaki Glazed Sausage and Veggie Sandwich by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
    Whenever I serve kielbasa to kids, I tell them it’s a “giant hot dog,” which means they’ll usually eat it. This family-friendly sandwich is seriously a meal in one and is so easy to make!