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8 Products You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On This Rosh Hashanah

8 Products You'll Want To Get Your Hands On This Rosh Hashanah

We’ve been posting a lot of Rosh Hashanah content lately. From recipes you can freeze ahead and our favorite challah recipes to gluten free Rosh Hashanah recipes and Rosh Hashanah crafts. And the best part? We’re just getting started! We have so much amazing content planned that we can’t wait for you to see.


Today, we wanted to start from square one. INGREDIENTS. You can’t do your best cooking before knowing all the amazing new kosher products that are on the shelves.


Let’s get right to it!


1. Heaven & Earth Date Sugar



Not only is date sugar a must (literally) on Rosh Hashanah, being one of the Simanim, but with a holiday that is all about the sweets, a healthier alternative to processed white sugar is GENIUS! Date sugar not only adds extra nutrients to your dishes, but it tastes amazing too! Be sure to use this in your Rosh Hashanah baking!


2. Heaven & Earth Date Syrup (Silan)



Date syrup, a well-known classic also called silan, can be used in so many ways! It adds the perfect amount of rich and sweet flavors to savory and sweet dishes alike. Need some inspiration for how to use it? We have so many delicious recipes with date syrup here!


3. Manischewitz Apple Butter



We love apple butter so much, we did an entire article about it! If you’re looking to add an apple flavor to a dish over Rosh Hashanah but aren’t interested in peeling and chopping, then this product is for you. In our article we include seven sweet dishes to use it in.


4. Heaven & Earth Pomegranate Juice



Ah, the beloved pomegranate juice. It’s an indulgent treat that can be used in marinades, dressings, reductions, and sauces- making just about any recipe Rosh Hashanah-worthy. This Rosh Hashanah, combine some of this good stuff with wine and sliced apples in a pitcher and you’ll have the perfect Yom Tov sangria.


5. Tuscanini Cooking Wine, available both red and white



Want to add wine to your cooking for a special meal, but don’t know the first thing about how, or which wine to use? That’s where Tuscanini’s cooking wine comes into play. With both red and white wine options, you never have to scratch your head wondering which wine is the best option. Lucky for you we just created an entire recipe roundup using these fabulous wines!


6. Manischewitz Honey Bear



So you thought honey was just for dipping an apple into? Think again, because this iconic handsome bear does so much more than that. Not only does his presence at the table make the holiday feel nostalgic, he can also be used in so many other ways. See our top 10 ways of using the classic honey bear, here. Plus, if you’ve ever had this honey bear on your Rosh Hashanah table, you know its the perfect way to avoid trails of honey on your freshly pressed tablecloth.


7. Gefen Vacuum Packed Beets, available both organic and conventional 


We love Gefen beets year-round, but we love them even more on Rosh Hashanah. They take the mess and cooking time out of Rosh Hashanah prep because they are already cooked and peeled for you. They are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed in salads, fruit soups, desserts, grain bowls, and so much more. Being that they are also part of the Simanim family, they are literally the perfect accompaniment to your Rosh Hashanah seder and menu.


8. Gefen Honey Cake



An amazing honey cake hack is great, but when you don’t even have the time to bake a cake mix, you can rely on Gefen’s packaged honey cake. It’s already baked and ready to eat so there’s no baking required. It is super moist and delicious and can be used to make some really incredible shortcut dessert recipes! Our favorite shortcut dessert? Put a thin slice of Gefen honey cake on a pretty dessert plate, add a scoop of vanilla or pumpkin ice cream, top with pomegranate seeds, and finish off with a drizzle of honey. 


There you have it! Some amazing, unparrelled kosher products that are perfect for Rosh Hashanah. Each has a Rosh Hashanah flair and makes the holiday easier and more delicious. Chag Sameach!