Authentic Italian vs. Italian American Recipes. Which One Will You Choose For Shavuot?

Kosher.com Staff May 23, 2022

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Sponsored by Tuscanini


How many of you love Italian food? (Everyone raises hand.) Now raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Italy.


If you have, you know the difference between authentic Italian cuisine, and the Americanized versions. Both delicious in their own way, but very different.


Since Shavuot is right around the corner, we thought it’d be fun to bring you Italian recipes with both authentic and American twists.


Not only can you SEE the difference between the two versions of each recipe, but you can truly taste the difference too!


The taste comes down to the ingredients used. In order to get a truly authentic Italian flavor in these recipes, we’ve partnered with our favorite Italian food brand, Tuscanini! Tuscanini’s products are superior and of the highest quality, which makes all the difference.


“You know you’re off to a great start when you’re using high-end products that were made in Italy.”


So which version is for you?


Go Authentic:

Whether you’ve been to Italy and have been longing for those incomparable flavors, or if you’ve never been and decide that now’s the time to experience the magic.


Go American:

If you love Italian food but you want the simpler, tried-and-true, family favorites.


Or maybe you’re like us and want to try both versions so you can host an Italian tasting game. (What a fun way to enjoy dairy on Shavuot!)


Whichever recipes you decide to try, we genuinely hope you and your familia enjoy!


Below, you can find the authentic Italian recipes on the left-hand side, and their American versions on the right!


                             Pesto Calabrese                                                    Spicy Penne a la Vodka


                           by Emily Paster                                                                 by Emily Paster


                     Berry Ripple Cheesecake                                         Berry Swirl Cheesecake


                            by Rachel Berger                                                         by Rachel Berger


          Spicy Eggplant Caponata Crostini                             Eggplant Tomato Fettuccine


                         By Erin Grunstein                                                              By Erin Grunstein


                 Fettuccine e Salsa Di Noci                                    Classic Fettucine Alfredo


                            by Charnie Kohn                                                           by Charnie Kohn


                                   Farinatta                                                               Savory Pancake


                                by Vicky Cohen                                                         by Vicky Cohen