The Best Hanukkah Dessert Recipe Ideas (2024)

Rachel Kor January 2, 2024

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Get ready to indulge in a delightful collection of treats that will light up your Hanukkah celebration! As we gather to commemorate the Festival of Lights, there’s no better way to add sweetness to the festivities than with delicious desserts that pay homage to this special holiday.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional recipes or looking to try something new, we’ve curated a list of the best Hanukkah dessert recipe ideas that are sure to please every palate.

These desserts are sure to bring joy and warmth to your Hanukkah table. Let’s dive into these delectable recipes that celebrate the richness of Jewish culinary heritage and the spirit of togetherness.

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1. Delicious Menorah Cookie Cake by Esti Birnbaum

Bring your dessert and presentation to the next level this Chanukah! This Menorah Cookie Cake will surely impress your guests! We created a recipe for a chocolate-based cookie with white icing to bring out the warmth and winter-like feeling for Chanukah. With chocolate coins, dreidels, glitter and pearls as toppings, we added to those cozy feelings of Chanukah.

Create a Menorah, Dreidel or any number, shape or design with this delicious recipe!

2. Warm Donut Holes Dessert by Mirel Freylich

Years ago, I attended a simchah that took place in a milchig restaurant. The delicious taste of the dessert stayed with me, and I decided to try to copy the idea. The results were amazing.

3. S’mores Dogs by Sima Kazarnovsky

Okay, okay, okay. I’m excited. These took many attempts, but I was determined to take the s’mores genre in a direction it was never taken before. Covered in a cookie, wrapped around a stick, and baked on the grill. And guys, after many cookies that I selflessly devoured in the name of science, I think we have found our winner. If your grill is occupied, feel free to bake these in the oven. It’s still s’mores by a barbecue, and that’s all that really matters.

4. Dreidel Pancakes with Pach Shemen Syrup and Cream by Idy Markowitz

5. Marshmallow Brownie Blizzard by Estee Kafra

This recipe is for all those who “like it sweet.” It’s a s’mores/brownie/cookie riot all in one pan. Top it with toasted marshmallow ice cream, and we go straight to fluffy marshmallow heaven.

6. Authentic Hungarian Doughnuts by Faigy Grossman

This out-of-this-world doughnut recipe was submitted by none other than my sister’s Hungarian housekeeper!!! After demolishing an astonishing amount last Chanukah at our family Chanukah party, I felt I had to share this with our Family First readers! She claims the secret is the alcohol in the vodka; it does not allow the oil to penetrate the dough, leaving the doughnuts extra fluffy and not too oily. The dairy ingredients definitely add to the tastiness, however, you can make these doughnuts parve as well, substituting margarine and parve milk for the dairy ingredients.

7. Fried Snickerdoodle Chocolate Sandwich Cookies by Chanie Nayman

My favorite part of this recipe is that it’s not as temperamental as a doughnut, and it’s a novelty for your party. Go crazy. Put in whatever add-ins you like and garnish with your favorite sauces. See how its done here.

8. Chocolate Lava Cake by Faigy Grossmann

I may or may not know a thing or two about needing to make dessert at the eleventh hour. But if you’re one of those who has Yom Tov meals lined up in your freezer four weeks before Rosh Hashanah, don’t turn the page yet. Chocolate lava cake (also called molten chocolate cake or just lava cake) is the perfect dessert whether you only have 20 minutes until Shabbat or you’re preparing a month in advance. It takes under 20 minutes to make, uses basic ingredients, and looks like restaurant fare when plated just right.

9. Doughnut Holes for the “Big” Kids by Chana Stern

Here’s an adult way to serve miniature doughnuts, and a way to create a showstopper at your Chanukah party. This recipe yields a lot and can be used for regular doughnuts as well.

10. Churros by Gideon Ben Ezra

These homemade cinnamon-sugar churros are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are the perfect fried treat if you want to make something a little different than the classic donut on Chanukah. These taste best fresh, but no need to worry about leftovers, they’ll be gone before you know it!

11. Poached Pears with Spiced Pomegranate Reduction by Estee Kafra

Poached pears are a classic. I used pomegranate juice here for a rich color and wonderful addition of flavor.

12. Warm Vanilla Apple Cobbler by Rivky Kleiman

This apple cobbler will attest that not all apple crisps are created equal!

13. Dreidel Hot Cocoa Bombs by Jackie Yesharim

Hot cocoa bombs are a fun trend and the most exciting way to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa. Just pour very warm milk atop your finished cocoa bomb and watch the magic happen! It’s the little things in life, right? This adorable dreidel-shaped cocoa bomb is the literal perfect winter treat to warm you from the inside out this Hanukkah.

14. Powdered Chocolate Wontons with Caramel Sauce by Esther Deutsch

15. Strawberry Cream Donut Cones by Jenna Grunfeld

I’m a big donut person, just not a big jelly donut person—a reality that’s plagued me through my years of Chanukah parties and December school treats. Who doesn’t love sugary fried dough? I just don’t love the squirt of jam that you get when you bite into them. I’d much prefer a generous helping of whipped cream. And while, sure, you could stuff a donut with some whipped cream, why not increase your cream to donut ratio by making the donuts cone-shaped?   You can use any basic yeast dough like this one or any challah or pizza dough recipe. I used dehydrated strawberries pulsed into fine powder mixed with whipped cream to get this delicious, fluffy and creamy strawberry wonder for the filling. Check out the full article here.

16. Oreo Cheesecake Donuts by Leah Leora

These quick bread (ready in under an hour) donuts filled with a delicious Oreo cheesecake filling and topped with an icing glaze and crushed Oreos may not make it to the table…

17. Apple Scone Cake by Estee Kafra

Scones are not too sweet, not too heavy… and in my mind, the perfect pastry. They can be dressed and spiced in countless ways, and they are the inspiration for an apple cake that marries their wonderful texture and taste with baked apples. It’s the ultimate wintertime treat.

18. Apple Strudel by Leah Barzel

I highly recommend making strudel with yeast dough – it tastes delicious heated, especially when served with herbal tea!

19. Cherry “Cheese” Strudel by Estee Kafra

No one will believe that this strudel is pareve.

20. Frozen Peanut Butter Cheesecake Wedges by Renee Muller

Cheesecake popsicles? This is an elegant way to serve frozen cheesecake that can be eaten in-hand: guests will love the extra crunch and delicious chocolate coating.

21. Doughnut Board with Delectable Dairy Fillings by Chavi Feldman

Think Chanukah, think doughnuts. Better yet, think doughnut board! Have fun with your family and friends by stuffing store-bought doughnuts with these delicious dairy filling flavors along with their respective toppings. Feel free to get creative and add your own flavors and toppings to the mix!

22. French Vanilla Waffles by Zehava Krohn

23. Dulche De Leche Cronuts by Family Table

See how to make them here.

24. White Chocolate Praline Mousse with Praline Donuts by The Peppermill

Need a show-stopping dessert? Layers of white chocolate mousse and crispy crumbs topped with a mini donut satisfy every craving!

25. Classic Apple Pie by Brynie Greisman

At the annual Limudei Hashem event, everyone contributes her signature dessert, salad, hot dish, etc., and the women set up a magnificent bar. My friend, Malka T., made this apple pie and everyone went nuts over it. Follow instructions, and you, too, will have the perfect apple pie! It freezes beautifully, too.

26. Decadent Dessert Pizza by Estee Kafra

This pizza is so simple to make, and is a really fun party idea.

27. Chanukah Cookies by Joy Devor

Finally, an amazing sugar cookie recipe that uses oil, not margarine! Refrigerating that dough will help firm up the dough, thus making it easier to work with. This is really the perfect recipe to make with little ones, and sprinkling with colored sugar is the perfect way to add some extra “bling”. To make colored sugar, just mix a tiny bit of gel food coloring with some regular sugar until you get the desired color.