The Best Shabbat Side Dish Recipe Ideas (2024)

Renee Schwartz January 2, 2024

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Looking for some amazing foolproof side dishes for Shabbat? We’ve collected a variety of recipes that promise to bring delicious flavors to your Shabbat table. 

Whether you’re looking to complement a classic roast or add something unique to your weekly menu, these handpicked recipes will make menu planning a cinch each week!

These are truly the best Shabbat side dish recipe ideas out there, from vibrant Cauliflower Tabbouleh to savory Mini Yapchik Kishka Bites , this roundup will help you create well-rounded, delightful meals that your family and guests will love.

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1. Low Fat Potato Kugel from the Nitra Cookbook

2. Broccoli Lokshen Kugel from the Nitra Cookbook

3. Simcha Super-Sized Cabbage Mushroom Salad from the Dining In Cookbook

This salad is a hit! And so absolutely simple to create.

4. Bobby’s Heavenly Farfel by Maidel Knaidle

My grandmother used to make this farfel quite frequently for Shabbos, and it always left her house smelling great, and our tummies very satisfied. This is a great Friday night or yom tov side dish, and works well as a weeknight supper too, paired with chicken or fish. It is basic and wholesome, yet a hit with children and adults of all ages.

5. Apple Cobbler from the Nitra Cookbook

6. Layered Sweet Potato-Onion Kugelettes For Pesach by Faigy Grossman

These moist and pretty layered kugelettes are the perfect side dish for your Yom Tov seudah. The pairing of the caramelized onions with that delightful sweet potato flavor makes a fantastic combination that will complement your main dish beautifully.

7. Roasted Vegetable Rice by Brynie Greisman

When developing this recipe, I had a clear vision of what I wanted — a rice dish that had original flavor, really good texture, was easy to put together, and yet presented nicely, with color and class. After a few tries, this one passed my palate test. My tasters raved about it. Best thing is that there are no pots or pans to clean up afterwards!

8. Slow Cooker Yapchik by Yussi Weisz

Yussi hits another home run with this yapchik recipe. Using a mix of meats and topped with some beef fry for an added layer of flavor, this is definitely not your typical potato kugel!

9. Mini Mushroom and Leek Tarts by Rivky Kleiman

I admit I have a soft spot for mushrooms, but these mini tarts take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

10. Cherry Brisket Hand Pies by Shushy Turin

11. Savory Sweet Potato Tartlets by Brynie Greisman

These flavorful tartlets are the perfect accompaniment to chicken, cutlets, or meat. The almond butter adds irresistible creaminess. There are no eggs here, which is a dietary consideration for many. Thanks, Chava E.

12. World’s Easiest Deli Roll from the Dining In Cookbook

This deli roll is simple to make, and a great favorite with kids. It’s so easy, they can make it themselves!

13. Warm Fruit Relish by Faigy Grossman

I always enjoy something sweet and tangy along with the main dish; it enhances the meat or chicken and is the perfect accompaniment. You’ll love this delicious fruity side with or without the nut crunch!

14. Cauliflower Tabbouleh by Dorie Greenspan

The little grains in this bright, light salad, a culinary trompe l’oeil, are not cracked wheat, tabbouleh’s classic ingredient, but slightly crunchy grated raw cauliflower. The florets are cut from their stems (which you can use for soup or cook and add to mashed potatoes), grated and tossed with tabbouleh’s traditional flavorings: lemon juice, mint, parsley and just a little olive oil. Made with cauliflower, the time-honored salad moves into the twenty-first century.

I like to add golden raisins (for sweetness and chew) and chopped unblanched almonds (for crunch), but the list of possible toss-ins is endless. Consider celery, carrots, scallions, red onions, beets, apples (rub the cut apples with lemon juice to keep them from browning), cucumbers or even pickles. As long as whatever you add is finely chopped or diced — the salad is nicest when all the ingredients are mini and a similar size — you can go on whatever tangent calls to you. This is less a recipe than a terrific idea and a template for playing around.

15. Roasted Everything Green Beans by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Everything seasoning is not just for bagels! Try it on roasted vegetables for a fantastic and easy side dish.

16. Mini Yapchik Kishka Bites by Miriam Fried

This combo of kishka and kugel was always my family’s favorite. Add some beef to it and you got yourself a whole delicious meal in a bite.

17. Broccoli Crumb Salad by Mirel Freylich

Besides their great taste, cabbage salads are great for their long fridge life. Just make sure to pick out the nuts before storing.

18. Best Yerushalmi Kugel by Malky Brezel

Yerushalmi kugel is said to have been created by the Jewish community of Jerusalem in the 1700s. Yerushalmi kugel is unique in that it is made of cooked thin noodles, heavily seasoned with pepper, and uses a caramel sauce as a binder. Do not confuse this with the ubiquitous sweet, dairy noodle kugel! Read the Yerushalmi kugel recipe through first before beginning to prepare it, for best results. Be extremely careful when melting the sugar and adding the water; the sugar gets scaldingly hot.

19. Pastrami Lukshen Kugelettes by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

These kugelettes are a huge crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves pastrami, and the mini shape makes them easy to serve and fun to eat.

20. Oil-Free Carrot Muffins by Elky Friedman

Many people I know have a tradition to include a carrot muffin as a side dish in one or two of their Rosh Hashanah meals. I’ve been searching for a lighter version of the typical carrot muffin for a while, one that gives us the sweetness we crave at a Rosh Hashanah meal, without the fat that’s equivalent to a piece of cake. This is the carrot muffin I always wanted…with no oil at all.

21. Deli Pockets by Rikki Samuels

22. Simple Two-Toned Vegetable Kugel by Brynie Greisman

Even as a newlywed, I always experimented with new recipes. My husband was used to the standard potato/lukshen kugel fare every Shabbos, and quite frankly didn’t know what to do with all my newfangled ideas! Baruch Hashem, over time he came to savor and appreciate the variety of side dishes I enjoy serving. This is a new kugel where I tried incorporating a lot of veggies, color, and good flavor, while going easy on the fat content. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

23. Pickled Beets Salad by Yussi Weisz

24. Puff Pastry Deli Twists by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Puff pastry with deli is always a winner. Check out this easy appetizer that is super easy to make and looks beautiful, too! Don’t forget to add a little dipping sauce to bring it over the top.