Chanie’s Top Picks For Sleepaway Camp Linens

Chanie Nayman June 19, 2024

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When summer comes around, there seem to be lots of blanks to fill in with new linen. For some it’s a new set for kids to take to camp, and for others it’s linen for a bungalow. I’m specifically focusing on inexpensive linens for this roundup, because that’s always a win, but also because that’s what we’re looking to send to camp!

There are a few things to look out for when searching for linen online.

Cotton: I am a big fan of only 100% cotton all the time. It’s the only thing that’s the most breathable. Some people opt for polyester linen because it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Another downside of polyester is that it will ball up a little bit after several washes.

Thread count: the higher the thread count, the better quality and longer lasting the linen will be.

Sateen: this gives linen a smoother, slightly shiny finish. It feels softer against your skin.

Another pro tip! Take your linen out of the dryer when it’s slightly damp. It stretches to fit your bed and will look less wrinkled that way.

White Florals from Ikea– $24.99

This is one of my favorites. I spotted it when I was a guest in someone else’s home. It’s so fresh and inviting.

Pink Chic Garden Flower Branches– $42.99

This set is a level up. It looks elegant, and the price is fantastic.

Plum Blossoms– $59.99

I actually own this set. It’s 800 thread count and really soft sateen. I’m a fan.

White and Pink Hearts– $24.99

I love this set for the girls! So cute and young and vibrant.

Grey +Daisy– $29.99

Easy and effortless.

Simple Stripes– $29.99

Simple and practical. A set with a little bit of busy-ness will hide all the pen marks and other nicks it gets in between washes.

Pink Strawberries– $34.99

For a girl with a lot of personality! Also consider it for a girls’ bedroom.

Cats and Dogs– $29.99

You don’t need to be a dog lover to appreciate how cute this set is!

Blended Florals– $59.99

I love this for a bungalow or older girl. It’s definitely a nice quality set.

Solid Colors– $13.13

For the girl who likes something simple! It also comes in other colors. You can’t get better than this price. The linen is microfiber (100% polyester) which some like, some don’t.

Nautical Stripes– $19.99

You can’t match this price for 100% cotton! This is a timeless set.

Ocean Blue– $29.99

I love the vibrant colors on this set. It’s so alive and cheerful.

Green and Blue Sharks– $29.99

This might be my favorite boy set. I love a bed with some bright, fresh color, and I love that this set has so much personality. Aaaand, the price is right! By the way, they also have a beach bag in the same print if you love matchy matchy!

Check Pattern– $19.99

Clean and simple, for someone who wants something a little more nondescript.

Green and White Stripes– $39.99

It’s not earth-shattering but it works, and it can be dressed up with so many cute accessories if that’s what you’re looking for!

Gingham Nordic Style– $42.99

I really like this set. Let’s call it the safe set. It can be used for anyone, including a guest room, and always look presentable.

Neutral Taupe– $19.99

At $19.99, this will probably be your most cost-effective linen! It is 100% polyester, but if you’re looking for an extra set or you don’t mind polyester, this is a great option for you.