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Snow Day Ideas To Keep You Occupied… And Full

Snow Day Ideas To Keep You Occupied... And Full

There’s something about snow days that are sort of like fast days… you end up looking at pictures of food all day, and somehow you always end up baking cinnamon buns. Here are a couple of our favorite cozy recipes to warm you up and keep the family nourished after the 5th shovel session!

  • Cheddar Potato Soup by Faigy Grossman
    We will assume you’re keeping yourself milchig on this snow day… you wouldn’t want to jump the gun on some pastrami something or other and then be in the blackout zone for 6 whole hours! So you’ll definitely appreciate digging into this Cheddar Potato Soup instead of enviously eyeing the bowls of those who had the foresight to avoid the dreaded fleishophobia. 

  • Sandwich Maker Brownies by Joy Devor
    There’s something about dorm room food that’s just fun to make and even more fun to eat! These Sandwich Maker Brownies double as a fun kid activity plus a delicious snack – pair with a rich hot cocoa for the perfect after snow refuel. 

  • Warm Apple Cider by Faigy Grossmann
    We’re channeling our inner ski lodge with this fragrant and delicious Warm Apple Cider recipe. It’s the sophisticated counterpoint to cocoa, and has this magical way of warming you up in seconds! Adults, add a little extra something something to your cup with a splash of cognac… after a day entertaining the kids, we don’t blame you if you need it! 

  • Rich Chocolate Babka Pudding by Estee Kafra
    This bread pudding on delicious steroids will seriously blow all your other desserts out of the water, but serious question. Why do you have leftover babka? Seriously, why? We probably will have to bake a fresh batch just to make this Rich Chocolate Babka Pudding, but guess what? Totally worth it. 

  • Tomato Basil Meat Lasagna by Chanie Nayman
    After a day full of noshing (we do it too, no judgement) you’re going to want a hearty nutritious dinner that hits all the right notes. This Tomato Basil Meat Lasagna will keep everyone happy, and do yourself a favor. Double the recipe and freeze one for a day that turned out to be pretty productive after all.