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Delightful Dairy Dishes for Your Chanukah Dinner Party

Delightful Dairy Dishes for Your Chanukah Dinner Party

Along with celebreating the miracles of Chanukah, this time is for celebrating our families, and what a better way to do that then to share a festive meal together. Dairy is a no-fail. Most people enjoy dairy dishes and there are so many delicious dairy ideas to choose from. Bonus that dairy is directly connected to the holiday itself.  We picked a few unique dairy ideas for a your next Chanukah family get-together. Enjoy!


Esther Deutsch 

and the Whisk by Ami Magazine Team


Caramelize​d Pear Spinach Salad with Pomegranates, Pecans, and Craisins

Normally, if I were officially developing a pear salad, I’d naturally think to combine the sweetness of pears with peppery arugula. But, this salad was an unexpected, delicious accident—I love when that happens! 



Cream of Spinach Soup

Quick, satisfying, and nutritious. 



Linguine with White Wine Cream Sauce and Mushrooms

In most pasta dishes and in my recipes in general, I love using fresh herbs as a flavor booster, but I completely did away with them in this dish. The white wine adds enough complexity and aromatic distinction to replace the fresh herbs. 



Sour Cream Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel

Dairy apple pie, mmmmmm. Can’t say more than that. 



Better Than Snickers Dessert Bars

Peanuts, caramel and chocolate is officially the best combo in the world, seriously. This decadent adult treat appeals to the kid inside.



Plan dairy menu for Chanukah party – check. Now if you need some good ideas on how to make your party kid-friendly, we got you covered. Check out last week’s article for great ideas on what to do with your kids and how to really make your family get-together stand out! 


Want to learn more about why we eat dairy on Chanukah? We have a great video from Rabbi Elefant of the OU telling you all about it.