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Find Out Which Products Esty Wolbe Is Excited for this Passover!

Find Out Which Products Esty Wolbe Is Excited for this Passover!

Each year, as Passover approaches, I’m absolutely blown away by the new products available on the market. Cleaner ingredient lists, better flavor, and more versatility. This year does not disappoint! Here are my favorites.




The new Gefen nut butters are spectacular. I know what you’re thinking – nut butters aren’t new; but these are unlike any you’ve ever had. They’re rich and smooth, almost velvety! Available in blanched almond, roasted almond and hazelnut, they each contain only one ingredient. Delicious spread onto matzo, drizzled over yogurt or incorporated into smoothies or batter, the only difficulty is choosing a favorite flavor. I’ve officially settled on hazelnut as mine.



The hazelnut praline, though, is in a class of its own! This sweetened version adds decadence to breakfast or dessert. I may or may not be planning to enjoy it right off the spoon.






A great way to add interest to a sweet dish is with texture. Gefen Almond Brittle and Hazelnut Brittle are the products I didn’t even know I needed, and there’s no turning back now. These sweet and crunchy toppings will elevate your acai bowl, ice cream sundaes, pancake breakfast and more. Just imagine them sprinkled over chocolate mousse and whipped topping… Yum! Or stir them into your cookie or biscotti batter to take them to the next level.






When my picky kids were picky toddlers, they LOVED Bamba snacks, and I always found it difficult to get through Passover without it. This year, Gefen created almond butter and cashew butter puffs! My kids may have outgrown their obsession, but I know my adorable little nephew will happily munch on them all Passover long. I might sneak a few when he’s not looking.



One of my kids’ favorite desserts is lemon freeze. Bright, sweet, and tart, it hits all the right notes. Squeezing all those lemons, however, does not hit any of the right notes for me. It’s no secret fresh juice is better than bottled…until now! Heaven and Earth Cold Pressed Lemon Juice is just as good if not better. It’s not from concentrate, which means you’ll never notice you didn’t squeeze them yourself. Paper-cut friendly, too. You’ll find yourself making lemon curd, lemonade, dressings, marinades, and more.


What’s better than mashed potatoes? Creamy, comforting mashed potatoes made in an instant. I know, I was skeptical too. But Haddar Instant Mashed Potatoes in a cup exceeded my expectations times ten! Just add hot water, wait five minutes, and prepare to be wowed. Available in original and mushroom varieties, they’re perfect for lunch or dinner. I’ll have a few of these on hand for one of my kids who loves mashed potatoes and not much else. Now I don’t have to make them for every meal, and he can still have his favorite dish.

With so many new, exciting products available this year, I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start my Passover cooking! Wishing you and your families a very happy and healthy Passover. L’shana haba’a b’Yerushalayim! I’ll bring the hazelnut praline.