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14 Genius Ways to Use Egg Whites

Kosher.com Staff March 20, 2018

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Almost all Pesach recipes call for egg whites, and if you’ve cooked on Pesach, you know how tedious and time consuming it is separating the yolks from the whites without any drops spilling into the whites. Not to mention all those yolks that either go to waste or to your waist if you turn them into mayonnaise and custard…. Now you can use Haddar Egg Whites to make your life easier.

Another bonus? Your dish will be low fat and cholesterol-free. Here are fourteen recipes to get you started.

Egg White Omelets, Plus


  • Carb-Free Egg Muffins by Estee Kafra (Substitute imitation soy sauce for the real thing, if making for Passover.)


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