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Get a Heads Up on Purim

Get a Heads Up on Purim

By Faigy Akda, Lubicom Staff



Time is flying by faster than ever, and although we have an extra Adar, Purim is still right around the corner.


The biggest stress?  Mishloach Manot by far.


I only got permission to mention those two words in February if I also provided the perfect solution.


I have compiled a list of delicious homemade treats that will be ideal for your Mishloach Manot. To top that off… I even scoured Amazon for adorable packaging options—’cause presentation is everything.


I hope your stress levels slowly decrease as you read through these attainable ideas. 


  1. Popcorn just got an upgrade. We’re taking the classic treat up a notch with two delicious options: Truffle & Rosemary Popcorn and Caramel Crunch Corn.
    Caramel Crunch Corn by Estee Kafra

    Truffle & Rosemary Popcorn by Shulamith Betesh

    Once made, place your popcorn into these gold striped containers. Popcorn has never looked cuter.

  2. Everyone appreciates getting healthy food on Purim. This granola will make your house the most popular on the block.
    Halvah Pistachio Granola by Sina Mizrahi

    Neatly package it in this zip-top bag. I guarantee it will look much better than the sugary, high-calorie store-bought stuff. These bags are easy to open with a zipper seal, and the transparent window will show off your delicious creations.

  3. This Cookie Butter Snack Mix is are fun and festive for Purim.
    Cookie Butter Pretzel Snack Mix by Shushy Turin

    Place it into a simple box like the Wilton treat boxes to let the colorful sprinkles stand out. The window on top gives children the perfect preview of the treat inside.

  4. Rocky Road Fudge. This combination of marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate is always a winner. Not to mention this fudge’s impressive presentation.
    Rocky Road Fudge by American Girl and Williams-Sonoma

    This sectioned box with different compartments not only looks adorable but it will ensure they arrive at your friend’s house perfectly in shape.

  5. Why are roasted nuts so addictively delicious? These Sweet and Spicy Maple Roasted Pecans are over the top.
    Sweet and Spicy Maple Roasted Pecans by Miriam Pascal

    I know it will be hard, but instead of eating them all yourself (totally doable), package the nuts in these clear elegant pillow boxes so others can enjoy.

  6. These Spiked Chocolate Truffles fit in perfectly with the alcohol side of Purim. Also, chocolate (!!)
    Spiked Chocolate Truffles by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok

    Package them by placing each truffle into a mini cupcake holder and then line them up in a macaron box. It’s the perfect packaging for a classic French delicacy.

  7. This Purim Nunt has only a few simple ingredients.
    Minhag Purim Nunt from the Nitra cookbook

    Package it in a rustic-looking cardboard box. Make sure to place parchment paper between each piece, so they don’t stick together.

  8. These Apple Smores Tartlets have every option checked off. They are a cross between apple pie and smores. What more could you ask for?
    Apple Smores Tartlets by Faigy Grossman

    Package them in a transparent cube to look sharp and edgy. They are thick and solid, so nothing moves around making everything easily transportable.

  9. The name Chocolate Salami sounds interesting, but trust me, it is every chocolate lover’s dream!
    Chocolate Salami from the Nitra cookbook

    Package the log in a white rectangle windowed box, and you’ve taken things to the next level.

  10. Did you know you can make homemade button candy?
    Candy Buttons by Victoria Dwek

    You can place each sheet into one of these bags to give it an extra-professional look. But the real beauty of these bags; self-sealing and resealable.

  11. I love when people include real food in their Mishloach Manot. These Pulled-Beef Hamantashen are tasty and adorable.
    Pulled-Beef Hamantashen by Michal Frischman

    These cardboard boxes are the perfect final touch.

  12. These Fruity Caramel Hamantashen are classic hamantashen with a twist.
    Fruity Caramel Hamantashen by Amit Yechieli

    Package them in this cute box with a perfectly made colored ribbon. No need to go scrambling for decoration, it comes together with the packaging.

  13. These Sourdough Za’atar Crackers are crispy and addictive.
    Sourdough Za’atar Crackers by Chaya Suri Leitner

    I couldn’t think of something better to receive on Purim; a bakery bag full of homemade crackers and a handwritten note. 2019 perfection.
  14. Chewy mouthwatering chocolate nougat.
    Chocolate Nougats by Idy Swimmer

    These can be made in two ways: wrap the nougat-like candies or cover the nougat with chocolate. Delectable either way. The way you package these will depend on how you make them. If you wrap them like little candies, you can then place into this pillow box with window.
  15. Fluffy bite-sized clouds. Most people call them marshmallows. Making these Homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallows is a whole ‘nother level!
    Vanilla Bean Marshmallows by The Baker’s Daughter

    Place them in a clear cellophane bag for crisp and clean packaging. They look professional and keep the moisture out so your marshmallows will stay light and fluffy.


Tip: Since you need to give two different foods for Mishloach Manot, it’s always easiest to pair your options with a drink.


Feel free to mix and match packaging options, don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative!


But most importantly, don’t forget that everything looks better topped in a perfectly made bow.