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57 Healthier Recipes for Shavuot!

57 Healthier Recipes for Shavuot!

If you’re like us, the food you’ll be preparing for Shavuot is going to be rich, cheesy and creamy. To balance out all that decadence, we’re bringing you a collection of healthier recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied with none of the guilt!

Now, that doesn’t mean we are against indulging in some lasagna, fettuccine alfredo and cheesecake, it’s just a matter of adding some healthier options to create well-rounded meals. Whether you choose to go with chimichurri mushroom salad, pesto zucchini spirals or stuffed rainbow peppers, these recipes prove that you don’t need to sacrifice deliciousness in order to stay healthy!

Enjoy and Chag Sameach!

  1. Spinach Shiitake Feta Casserole by Rorie Weisberg
  2. Baked “Siti” (aka Ziti) by Rorie Weisberg
  3. Low-Carb Butternut Squash Lasagna by Esther Begun
  4. Spinach and Feta-stuffed Salmon by Esty Wolbe
  5. Healthy No-Bake Cheesecake Jars (Gluten Free) by Esther Begun
  6. Lemony Sheet Pan Fish and Veggies by Ally Mawhirter
  7. Pistachio-Crusted Asparagus by Esty Wolbe
  8. Cauliflower Rice with Spinach and Lemon by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
  9. Spaghetti Squash Quiche by Blumi Heinemann
  10. Fresh and Healthy Asian Mango Lettuce Salad by Bat-El Gershowitz
  11. Broccoli Salad from the Dining In Cookbook
  12. Spinach Salad from the Dining In Cookbook
  13. Cucumber and Salmon Bites by Victoria Dwek
  14. Green Goddess Fruit Platter with Cheesecake Dip by Rachel Kor
  15. Eggplant in a Garlic Verde Dressing by Estee Kafra
  16. Marbled Carrots and Parsnips from the Dining In Cookbook
  17. Fish-Optional Lettuce Tacos by Michal Frischman

  18. Bright and Fresh Slaw by Michal Frischman

  19. Green Health Soup from the Dining In Cookbook
  20. Bean and Barley Salad from the Dining In Cookbook

  21. Cheesy Oven-Roasted Veggies by Chavi Feldman

  22. Sheet-Pan Pesto Frittata by Chavi Feldman
  23. Salmon and Orzo Salad from the Dining In Cookbook

  24. Stuffed Eggplant by Leah Schapira
  25. Mock-o-roni (Cauliflower Mac ‘n Cheese) by Rorie Weisberg
  26. Lasagna Pepper Boats by Elky Friedman
  27. Gluten Free Brownie-Bottom Cheesecake by Rorie Weisberg
  28. Creamy Avocado Salad + Dip by Chanie Nayman
  29. San Francisco Salmon Cakes by Manischewitz
  30. Tuna-Stuffed Shells by Faigy Grossman
  31. Fish Taco Lettuce Cups by Michal Frischman
  32. Chimichurri Mushroom Salad by Michal Frischman
  33. Better Blender Cheese Tarts by Rorie Weisberg
  34. Stuffed Rainbow Peppers by Brynie Greisman
  35. Watermelon Matchstick Salad by Chanie Nayman
  36. Spinach and Quinoa Patties by Elky Friedman

  37. Spring Pea Crostini with Parmesan by Chanie Apfelbaum
  38. Mango, Jicama, Pumpkin Seed and Fresh Herb Salad by Douglas McNish
  39. Cold Cucumber, Yogurt, and Dill Soup by Lois Held and Roberta Scher
  40. Glazed Fresh Fruit Salad with Baked Cinnamon Twists by Rivky Kleiman
  41. Green Bean and Roasted Cherry Tomato Salad by Brynie Greisman

  42. Extra Light and Smooth Cheesecake by Elky Friedman
  43. Lemon Garlic Salmon en Papillote by Michal Frischman
  44. Beet and Citrus Stacks by Chanie Apfelbaum
  45. Wheat Berry Rainbow Salad by Brynie Greisman
  46. Spaghetti Squash Brunch Casserole by Rorie Weisberg

  47. Brown Rice with Spinach and Parsley by Chavi Feldman

  48. Fruit Pops by Sina Mizrahi
  49. Carrot Pasta With a Creamy Zesty Garlic Sauce by Chris Anca
  50. Radicchio Citrus Salad by Rivki Rabinowitz
  51. Caprese Salad by Zeta Olive Oil
  52. Spinach Pesto with Tomatoes by Estee Kafra

  53. 5-Minute Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt by Sina Mizrahi

  54. Blueberry Spinach Salad with Balsamic Dressing by Sina Mizrahi
  55. Full of Green Salad by Brynie Greisman
  56. Pesto Zucchini Spirals by Kosher.com Staff
  57. Eggplant Parmesan Parsnip Spaghetti by Sarah Lasry

Originally published May 2019. Updated and improved May 2021.