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How to Set Up the Perfect Cheese Board

How to Set Up the Perfect Cheese Board

We’re all about dairy on this holiday, and cheese boards are the perfect thing to add to your Shavuot table. Their beautiful presentation serves both as a great centerpiece and the perfect appetizer!


Need some hints on how to put one together? These three tips will help you create a beauty like this in no time. 



3 Top Tips for Building Your Best Cheese Board:


  1. Change up your cheeses!

    Use some sliced, some round, and different colored ones…mix it up! No need to splurge on expensive artisan ones to make it look beautiful. Just make sure to to add variety and different textures! 

    *Camembert is a delicacy perfectly fit for this holiday! It’s delicious when melted in the oven. Serve with some berries or roasted grapes, crusty bread, and some jam or honey!

  2. Don’t forget to add your fruits.

    Grapes pair perfectly as do all berries, pears, and green apples!

    This will add great color, as well as sweet and tangy flavors, that complement the salty cheese.  

  3. Don’t Skip the Crunch.

    Add some different nuts for texture and nibbling, and some great crusty bread and Tuscanini thin parchment crackers to serve with your cheeses.



Styling by Adina Schlass @TheChefsWife
Photography by Pessi Grun @PeasNGreens




For tips on how to pair wine and cheese, watch the wine and cheese pairing episode of Swirl here!

For kashrut information on aged cheese, check out our Aged Cheese Guide by OU.