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Let’s Get Healthy

Let's Get Healthy


After Purim (read: 24 hour snack fest) followed by a month of eating the pantry (read: finishing that Costco pack of elbow macaroni, plus six of those hundred calorie snack packs, plus several cases of kiddie-sized Cookie Monster juice boxes… and that was just ONE day’s worth) followed by an amazing pesach filled with friends and family, and primarily, food, we are pretty ready for a detox over here. And while some like to drink their nutrients through a straw, we’d rather whip up some nutritious dishes that leave us happy and feeling healthy.


No hate, juice cleanses, but we kind of like chewing. We have something against cardboard tasting diet food, so here are some delicious healthier options that will have you telling people “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” when they ask you how you’ve recently slimmed down.


  1. Quinoa Kale Salad by Estee Kafra
    What’s better than a superfood salad? Two superfoods in a salad! This hearty Quinoa Kale Salad is the perfect lunch option. Kale actually benefits from dressing early, so toss it in the morning, dressing and all, and feel like a health queen all day. You got this diet in the bag. 

  2. Tuna Kale Salad with Shallot Dressing by Sina Mizrahi
    Looking for a protein packed salad to keep the hunger pangs at bay? This super savory Tuna Kale Salad with Shallot Dressing is absolutely café-worthy because you’re fancy like that.

  3. Maple Glazed Salmon by Kiki Fisher
    If your family loves fish, this delicious Maple Glazed Salmon is about to become your new staple! If they don’t, this super simple marinade is perfect on grilled chicken too, and if the kids are getting their protein, that’s really all that matters, right?

  4. Lemon Vinaigrette Grilled Chicken by Rivky Kleiman
    Looking for a great grilled chicken without any of those sugary glazed marinades? This Lemon Vinaigrette Grilled Chicken is so good, it will totally keep you on track for the best tasting diet of your whole life.

  5. Quinoa Stuffed Capons by Chayie Schlisselfeld
    Stuffing chicken with rice is so five minutes ago… we’re all about Quinoa Stuffed Capons right now! Prep these ahead and just pop them in the oven before dinner for a quick meal that will totally quench the need for a late night snack.

  6. Millet Knishes by Brynie Greisman
    Looking to expand your horizons? Millet is a grain filled with lots of vitamins and minerals, fiber, and is gluten free! Try something new with these Millet Knishes, a great alternate starchy side that you’ll love.

  7. Oven Baked Fish by Estee Kafra
    No one loves an easy dinner like we love an easy dinner! This quickie Oven Baked Fish is kid friendly and hassle free. And did we mention, you’re doing great? Did you lose a few pounds? You can totally tell!

  8. Citrus Cornish Hen by Estee Kafra
    A delicious Shabbos chicken that will totally please the crowds, this Citrus Cornish Hen is flavorful and looks gorgeous on the plate. If only we actually ate with our eyes, maybe we just bypass calories all together.

  9. Protein Oatmeal Cookies by Miriam Pascal
    Ok, even the best dieter needs a snack every now and again. These Protein Oatmeal Cookies are packed with flavor and nutrients, so instead of reaching for that ice cream bar (seriously why is that even in your freezer??) your sugar cravings will be satisfied guilt-free.

  10. Fresh Herb Chicken by Lois Held and Roberta Scher
    Prep time for this easy Fresh Herb Chicken is under ten minutes, freeing up plenty of your day! Now you can go for a run (highly unlikely) throw in an extra load of laundry (mildly unlikely) or give yourself a much-deserved break on the couch with your favorite magazine (highly likely).

  11. Roasted Vegetable and Feta Salad by Raizy Fried
    We love the combo of warm veggies and cold feta with this Roasted Vegetable and Feta Salad. Roasting vegetables is a great way to layer on tons of flavor without adding any calories.
  12. 5 Minute Shakshuka by Estee Kafra
    Looking for a non-cereal breakfast option? This 5 Minute Shakshuka only takes four minutes longer than pouring a bowl of cereal, and is infinitely tastier!

  13. Crispy Salmon with Ginger Sauce by Michal Frischman
    Crisping up the skin on this Crispy Salmon with Ginger Sauce will trick you into thinking you’re eating a big potato chip, but it’s actually a total flavor bomb, not to mention loaded with Omega 3’s, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. Not in a weird way.
  14. Balsamic and Herb Chicken by Rivky Kleiman
    Balsamic and Herb Chicken packs a serious flavor punch, perfect for that diet slump that you might be hitting in a few weeks from now. Or, in some cases (our case) tomorrow. This delicious dinner is perfect for any night of the week!

  15. Whole Grain Blueberry Loaf by Rena Tuchinsky
    Even the hardest working dieters deserve a little pastry love every once in a while. This Whole Grain Blueberry Loaf is the perfect Shabbos morning accompaniment to your coffee.