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Mexican Churros with Chipotle Chocolate Sauce

Eitan Bernath December 25, 2016

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Hi guys! Welcome to “Easy Ethnic with Eitan,” my monthly recipe here on Kosher.com. My name is Eitan Bernath. I am a 14-year-old teen chef who is a weekly food blogger, food photographer, and kosher personality. At the age of 11, my passion for cooking was turned into a career when I competed on “Chopped” on the Food Network. On my weekly food blog CookWithChefEitan.com, I post new recipes every Sunday. Be sure to check it out and follow me on Instagram @ChefEitanBernath!

Pack your bags, because this month we are taking a trip to Mexico. Mexico is famous for its beaches, tourist attractions, music, and especially its food! I love Mexican food, I really do. It’s got all the spices and flavors and ingredients that make me smile. Everyone knows about the cuisine’s savory dishes like tacos, nachos, and burritos, but this month I want to focus more on my favorite Mexican dessert, churros.

Okay, let’s talk churros! I love churros with a passion. In case you never heard of a churro before, they are a long, fried doughnut, made by piping a unsweetened dough into hot oil with a star tip. After it’s fried, the churro is coated with a cinnamon sugar mixture. Churros, which originated in Spain, are a popular snack in many parts of the world including Portugal, Spain, and Mexico, though each country makes them a little differently.  It is common, though, to serve them with a dipping sauce like duche de leche or a chocolate sauce.

I also really love teaching people about churros. I’ve made them at many events and demos, including a demo I did at Breadberry in Brooklyn with Victoria Dwek. I have even made them on my good friend Naomi Nachman’s show “Table for Two” on the Nachum Segal Network.

These churros are right in time for Chanukah. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely tired of the typical sufganiyot (doughnuts). Everyone at your Chanukah party will be intrigued by this Mexican doughnut on your table. When dipped into the chipotle chocolate sauce, they will capture everyone’s hearts. You can then teach your family and friends all about churros, just like I have taught you.

Well, this was fun! See you next month when we travel together to another part of the world! If you make this recipe or any of my others, be sure to send me a picture to [email protected] or tag me on your photo on Instagram @ChefEitanBernath!