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No Measuring Allowed: S’mores Cookies

No Measuring Allowed: S'mores Cookies

Recipe brought to you by Chanie Nayman, Kosher.com Staff


Welcome to our new weekly lifestyle column, No Measuring Allowed. Every week we’ll be sharing a fun and easy Shabbat dessert that doesn’t require any measuring or special equipment, and calls for less than 6 ingredients! Perfect for busy moms and dads, or kids who love to help in the kitchen!




Graham crackers
Large marshmallows
Kineret Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough



1. Line a baking sheet with graham cracker squares, leaving plenty of room between each. (These cookies spread a lot.) Using kitchen shears, cut standard size marshmallows in half and adhere the sticky sides to graham crackers.

2. On top of the marshmallow, place a slightly flattened ball of Kineret cookie dough.

3. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes, until cookies are fully baked and slightly golden brown.