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Off the Wall Donuts

Off the Wall Donuts

As a food/lifestyle columnist, I always enjoy the challenge to come up with fun and interesting ideas-solutions that add a little “extra pizzaz” to the predictable.


It’s been a year since Mishpacha Magazine asked me to write an article about Donut Walls. Although donut walls are generally made out of wooden boards and pegs, I was hesitant to put the donuts on splintery/painted wood. Thus was born The EstherO Acrylic Donut Wall which is both food-safe and washable. Our line has since expanded to The EstherO Cupcake Wall, The EstherO Round Donut Wall, Donut Stands, Acrylic Screw-on Donut Wall Rods (for DIYers) with many more exciting party products to come.


We are constantly creating cool and exciting ways to decorate and display donuts. As donuts are ever so popular now at high-end, elegant weddings, birthday parties and everything in between, the donut has become more than just a sprinkle topped donut!!


In honor of Chanukah, we are so excited to share a sampling of some of the many decorating ideas.





With a few simple steps, you can transform plain glazed donuts into pretty confections.


You will need:

White glazed donuts


Large flower fondant plungers


Edible pearls



Roll out fondant and cut into flowers using the flower plungers.

Dab the donuts with water to stick on the flowers, sprinkles…

Allow to dry.






These adorable donuts will make a cute presentation for a fun party.


You will need:

White glazed donuts

Candy eyes and mustaches (Purchase on Amazon here and here)



Dab the donuts with a bit of water and stick mustaches and eyes on the donuts.

Place on donut stand.





A fun and creative activity for children (and adults) of all ages. Create oodles of fun activities and memories for your family and friends this Chanukah.


You will need:

Donuts (We used store bought unglazed donuts and topped them with royal icing)

Edible Markers 






Decorate your donuts with assorted toppings to create this awesome donut wall setup.


You will need:

Donuts (We used double-dipped donuts)

Melted chocolate (or cookie dip)

Assorted toppings (shtix, cereal, gummy bears, sprinkles, etc.)



Stick on topping with melted chocolate or cookie dip.