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Shabbat Menu- Recipes Kids Will Love

Shabbat Menu- Recipes Kids Will Love

Really, I’m a warm weather girl. I want summer to last forever, and the Labor Day/back to school mark means these days are numbered. But all the different seasons have their comfort foods, and if I can’t have the warm weather, at least I can look forward to a warm bowl of carbs or soup on a cozy winter night. 

This week, we themed the menu around the kids. The first day of school is an exciting yet jittery day and I want mine well fueled and nurtured. 


But even if you’re not making this for kids, don’t we all love the kids menu?!

Happy Cooking!



Pretzel Salad by Chaia Frishman

This salad “happens” when a turkey on a pretzel roll sandwich marries a Caesar salad. That’s all there is to it.


Extra Crispy Chicken Nuggets from the Dining In Cookbook

On the kid-friendly scale, these extra crispy chicken nuggets definitely rate a 10. Serve with ketchup or duck sauce because dipping is FUN!


Meatballs in Spaghetti Nests by Sara Wasserman

No child can refuse this dish: Falafel-flavored meatballs in spaghetti nests. It’s fun to prepare and fun to eat.


Fudge Cookies by Brynie Greisman


These cookies have a perfect consistency — chewy and crispy at the same time. They taste great straight from the freezer and they are a real crowd-pleaser!


Kiddush Gummy Bears by Victoria Dwek

We love the idea of turning the iconic Kedem grape juice into a treat that adds to the excitement of Shabbat. These gummy bears are easy and inexpensive to make!