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The Prettiest Floral Cookie Seating Cards for Shavuot

The Prettiest Floral Cookie Seating Cards for Shavuot

Photography by Hudi Greenberger


With these adorable floral seating cards, everyone will have the best seat in the house!



These cookies make a great activity for little hands, plus, they add a special personalized addition to your Shavuos table or any other occasion.


You can also make these with different sayings (rather than just names) and serve during dessert for a fun twist.


Be creative – your imagination is the limit!



You will need:


  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe
  • White rolled fondant
  • Colored fondant or food coloring to color the white fondant




  • Preheat the oven.
  •  Roll out the cookie dough.
  •  Use the cookie cutter included in the kit to cut out cookies.
  •  Bake according to cookie recipe directions and allow to cool.
  • Roll out fondant using a rolling pin.
  • Slide letters or phrase into the slot of the cookie cutter.
  • Press the outer edge of the cutter firmly into the fondant, making sure to press down completely.
  • Then, gently press plunger to create the imprint.
  • Remove the scraps of fondant.
  • Brush fondant with a little bit of water or corn syrup to stick it to the cookie.
  • Roll out the colored fondant and use the flower plungers to cut out flowers.
  • Stick the flowers to the cookies using a little bit of water or corn syrup.
  • Allow to dry.



These cookies can also be placed in a gift box and left on the doorsteps of friends and family before the holiday. Sayings like, “We miss you”, “Have a great Yom Tov,” or “We can’t wait to see you soon” will surely put a smile on their faces.


If you do plan on giving any packages to others during this time, make sure you and anyone you have come in contact with is healthy and don’t have any symptoms of the virus. Also remind anyone receiving packages to wipe the outside of the package off with a disinfectant before bringing into the house.


If you don’t feel comfortable giving packages (especially homemade treats) to others during this time, then save this adorable idea for sometime in the future.