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SOUP WEEK: Our Top 5 Best Soup Jars For On-The-Go

SOUP WEEK: Our Top 5 Best Soup Jars For On-The-Go

So all this talk about soup on our site this week has gotten you craving soup? Well, if you haven’t already, now is the time to make some! For those of you who love leftovers for lunch the next day, we’ve got you covered!

Below we’ve listed our top 5 favorite soup jars so you can enjoy that delicious soup wherever you go. Whether you want to bring some in to work for lunch, or are bringing some over to a friend or relative who’s under the weather, these soup jars will keep your soup hot and insulated for the trip!

Here’s a little tip:
When you’re feeling under the weather but still need to travel, bring some hot chicken broth in the soup mug below. Instead of sipping on tea, you can sip on broth!

1. Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

This food jar is one of the highest rated thermoses out there. With vacuum-sealed insulation, high quality stainless steel, and a leak-resistant cap, it makes eating soup on the go a breeze. It has a wide-mouthed opening for easy pouring and transferring of the food. It holds 24 ounces, which is perfect for most adults.

2. Thermos Insulated Food Jar For Kids

This thermos is one of the best for kids. It comes in more than 25 design options to suit any kid’s interests, is small enough for kids to easily use and carry, and comes with a foldable spoon.

3. YETI Rambler Food Mug

We love that this insulated container can also act as a mug, and has a convenient handle. The brand is one of the best in the industry, so you know you can trust the quality. Plus, it comes in over 20 beautiful colors.

4. Crockpot Electric Food Warmer

Sure, the other containers on this list keep food contents hot for long periods of time, but what if you actually wanted to heat up an entire meal without having to use a public microwave? That’s where the next item on our list comes in. This container actually warms food right on the spot. It’s ideal for travel and eating meals on the go!

5. Thermos Insulated Food Jar For Adults

This is adult version of the kids thermos mentioned earlier on this list. This thermos is great for adults who want a smaller but reliable thermos. It keeps food hot or cold for hours and hours, has a leakproof lid (not all insulated cups have this feature), and comes with a foldable metal spoon.