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Take the Party Outside- Whisk’s Very Favorite Summer Simcha Set Up

Take the Party Outside- Whisk's Very Favorite Summer Simcha Set Up

With Event Planner Devorah Deutsch


There are few moments more enjoyable than a perfect summer evening. The late sun’s rays slant across the trees, infusing a simple backyard with a gorgeous glow; the light breeze rustles the grass as the birds and crickets sound softly in the background. Photographers call this time of day “magic hour” as the setting sun provides a quality of light that simultaneously softens and illuminates in a captivating fashion.


When acclaimed photographer Esti Waldman was deciding on a setting for her daughter’s summertime bas mitzvah, she knew that a late-afternoon garden party was the best way to combine her favorite elements in a beautiful and elegant way. Bringing together summer florals and bright impressionist-style linen that could practically double as art, the long banquet table was created as the focal point of the party.



Guests at this party enjoyed each other’s company at one long table. A white runner contrasted with the floral tablecloth and allowed the centerpieces to pop.






For the florals, vases in the same color but of different sizes and shapes were grouped together at a few spots along the runner, while candelabras provided height contrast.




If you’re serving buffet-style or you don’t want to set out the appetizer ahead of time at a seated meal, complete each place setting by printing a menu card to excite guests and enable them to anticipate each course.


The Menu:



You don’t need an excess of sweets for an enchanting dessert table. On this table, tall candelabras and multilayered cakes provide the central focus. Boxwood balls, logs, wooden platforms, and rustic milk crates connect the table to nature.


Rather than fill a table with bottles of soda, choose your favorite refreshments and serve in beverage canisters. 


Beverage tubs of different sizes are the perfect vessels for serving fruit.


When the meal is over and the guests have had their fill of sweets, there’s still time for fun. At this bas mitzvah, the girls enjoyed expressing their creativity and learning techniques by following instructions from Paint It! by Rivkie, who provided everything they needed to create individual masterpieces.


We hope this peek into a gorgeous garden party inspires you to create a little simcha magic of your own.