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The 5 Absolute Easiest Chicken Recipes for you to Make Tonight

The 5 Absolute Easiest Chicken Recipes for you to Make Tonight

We’re all working with the same ingredients in our rotation. It’s no wonder that we’re constantly getting tired of the same handful of recipes we make again and again. Here are five of our easiest recipes your family will love!


Sweet and Sour Chicken by Rivky Kleiman

Love a sweet and sticky chicken? Rivky Kleiman’s has cranberry sauce as the base which–hear us out– is even better than a ketchup base, in our humble opinion. No need to tell the picky eaters in your life, if that’s the sort of thing to freak them out.



Golden Shnitzel Bites by Brynie Greisman

4 ingredient recipes are always a yes in our book! Try this version of schnitzel and you may never go back to boring old breadcrumbs

Golden Shnitzel Bites



Cashew Chicken by Raizy Fried @raizyscookin

We love nothing more than a homemade dish that’s better than takeout and faster than delivery. Not into cashews? Add in extra vegetables to suit your family’s tastes

Cashew Chicken




Honey-Garlic Chicken by Chavi Sperber

Simple, flavorful honey garlic chicken recipe hits all the right notes and is super easy to make.





Barbeque Chicken Wings by Draizy Wercberger

Lets just say this almost non-recipe recipe will score on all accounts- no work for mom and happy kids. Use this sauce on drumsticks or chicken thighs for the same effect.