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The New Passover Products that Dreams Are Made Of

The New Passover Products that Dreams Are Made Of

Remember when Passover was about compromise when it came to eating right? Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. No longer! Coconut Milk? Cauliflower Rice with Butternut Squash? Your Passover menu just got an upgrade.  


The series of new products that have been introduced this year has changed the way I think about eating healthy on Passover.


For starters, Gefen Sweetened or Unsweetened Coconut Milk is a huge new addition, considering that it is parve and gluten-free. Coconut milk has been extremely popular for a while now as a dairy-free option with calcium and minerals. Not only does this product solve the problem for meat recipes that call for that extra creaminess, but it also allows coffee addicts to have a delicious cup of coffee at any time of the day.





Another game-changer is the new Heaven and Earth Riced Cauliflower with Butternut Squash and Riced Cauliflower with Broccoli and Carrot. Cauliflower in general is such a versatile vegetable, and with today’s food market embracing the substitution of vegetables where a starch has customarily gone, it’s no wonder that ‘cauliflower rice’ (cauliflower processed to a small dice) is trending. Mix cauliflower rice with other vegetables and you create the perfect side dish that is light, healthy, and delicious. On the food marathon that is Passover, every cook is looking for ways to save time yet keep the menu original. These new products are the perfect solution.





Juicers and smoothie lovers, this one’s for you. The juicing trend, especially among millennials, has been a hot topic for quite some time now, and it is no surprise that there is a high demand for Pesach options. With their new Carrot Juice, Carrot Ginger Juice, and Beet Juice, Heaven & Earth brings juice far beyond breakfast and makes it easy to enjoy at any time of day. The juices make delicious soups and sauces, bringing healthful root veggies to the table. Both carrot and beet juice continue to dominate the flavor rankings, with the carrot also blending well with the modern twang of ginger. It’s a no-brainer. These juices will be flying off the shelves.





On Passover, we sometimes feel a little deprived of quality store-bought products. The Tuscanini brand, which has become so popular year-round, brings us high-quality food even within the Passover restrictions. Their excellent Tomato Sauce and Tomato Paste are kosher for Passover.





New for Passover this year are Still and Sparkling Mineral Water in beautiful glass bottles and Potato Chips made with 100% olive oil. From the mountainous Dolomite region to the idyllic Sardinia Island, Tuscanini sources products from artisans that offer only the best quality ingredients and brings sophistication to Passover. Gone are the days of packing just matzo for Chol Hamoed trips; Tuscanini’s new Potato Chip line – whether classic, rippled, or rosemary-infused – will keep everyone happy and satisfied.








Grape juice is a staple on Passover, of course, but it’s 2019 and people are demanding something more. New this year from Kedem is their Grape Juice Bordeaux Bottle, Sparkling Sangria and Sangria in a 64-ounce bottle. Finally, a fancier option to put those demands to rest. Whether you’re hosting or just spending Passover with family, a nice bottle adds so much to the table spread. Not to mention, it also is the perfect item to gift your hosts with.




And finally, we can say there is kosher for Passover Harissa by Ta’amti and Organic Tomato Basil Sauce by Paesana: two products you thought you could cook without until you taste them.




Could our grandparents at their Seder table ever have conceived of some of these new healthy products, many that are gluten-free, vegetable based, and even organic? Now that’s eating like a true ben chorin!