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There’s No Wrong Way to Pour Wine

Kosher.com Staff February 23, 2018

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It’s that time of year — Purim is around the corner, spirits are high, everybody is smiling, and lots of Mishloach Manot are getting packed with the wine that pairs perfectly with this lighthearted holiday, Jeunesse!


While the wine world is evolving from traditional sweet wines to dry wines, many of us still like it right in the middle, in the “sweet spot”, but not really sweet.  In 2007 Jeunesse was introduced to the market and became an instant success with its unique semi-dry wines that were “not too sweet, not too dry” and perfect for consumers who were looking for something that didn’t take itself too seriously, but was sophisticated enough that they would be proud to serve it.


“Not too sweet, not too dry” translated to the brand’s tag line “perfectly balanced” and has been the focal point of Jeunesse’s various marketing campaigns over the years.  



One marketing campaign that has been hugely successful for Jeunesse is their Purim videos, which are eagerly anticipated every year, and have become viral favorites. This year’s campaign went in an entirely new direction with the building of a Rube Goldberg machine. These intricate machines use a complex series of events to accomplish an everyday task, and are painstakingly built by specialists who are part engineer, part artist.  This amazing machine was built on-site at the beautiful Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard, California over the course of 4 days by the brilliant Steve Price and his colleague Mark Robbins.


“Many people don’t realize these machines are real and aren’t digitally enhanced.  Just like a winemaker sees a finished wine when they’re tending to grapes in the vineyard, these machines need to get planned out with exacting precision to run smoothly from start to finish” noted Mordy Herzog, who can’t  help but smile every time he watches it, adding “Knowing it’s real makes it twice as amazing!”


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