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The Newest Passover Products Out Now

The Newest Passover Products Out Now

By: Bluma Gordon, Lubicom Marketing Staff



If your kids are anything like mine, then they’re hungry on Passover. All. The. Time. 


With few wholesome, high-carb food options around, kids’ stomachs become like bottomless pits. Here’s a list of some of the new trending Passover items to help satiate voracious tummies and have you and your family grinning. 


1. Light Kedem Apple Juice 



Does your family’s high consumption of sugary drinks over Passover make your stomach queasy? Grab Kedem’s new light apple juice drink, with lower calorie and sugar content. The bottles come in both standard and mini sizes, so you can dole them out as on-the-go drinks, too.


2. Absolutely Gluten-Free Snack Potato Crisps 



Passover snacking means eating fried potato chips, fried potato chips, and more fried potato chips, right?  Pringle-style baked and stacked chips will add variety to your Passover snack collection. The standard and single-serve size options and smart reusable packaging make these a gluten-free go-to snack for Passover and all-year-round. They come in three great flavors: original, BBQ, and onion-garlic.


3. Freedom Bars 



Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free? Check. Healthy, satisfying, and high in protein? Check. For the health-conscious, these individually-wrapped fruit and nut-based snacks are a dream come true. They come in three scrumptious flavors to give you more healthy snacking options.


4. Maple Pecan Granola Clusters 



Genuine kosher for Passover granola clusters? Count me in! These granola snacks are perfect as a satisfying muncher, and as a topper for yogurts, fruit salads, and smoothies. Plus, they’re healthier and got more crunch than the mock potato-starch version.  


5. Gefen Almond Milk



Passover can be challenging for those who use pareve milk all-year-round as a dairy-free and lactose-free substitute for milk. Thankfully, Gefen just added almond milk to their product line. Containing an especially creamy texture and available in sweetened and non-sweetened versions, it’s ideal as a recipe additive, coffee additive, and fresh, tasty drink.


6. Haddar Ritz Style Crackers 



The quality Haddar brand just added another gluten-free Passover product to their inventory. These crackers have that familiar Ritz-style shape, and firm, non-crumbly texture. Enjoy it as a snack or top it with cheese, tuna, or eggs for a satisfying lunch.


7. Heaven and Earth Beet and Pineapple Carrot Juices



Say “yes” to a drink that’s both healthy and kid-friendly. These box drinks are made from freshly squeezed fruit and veggie blends for a guilt-free kids’ drink. Choose from beet and carrot juice and carrot and pineapple juice flavors.


8. Heaven and Earth Veggie Toppers    



Now you can add more crunch, color, and flavor to your snacks and meals. These veggie toppers are made from simple, wholesome ingredients of shredded vegetables or beets, oil, and salt. Add them to soups and salads or enjoy them as a wholesome stand-alone snack.


9. Heaven and Earth Juice



Here’s to a fruit and vegetable juice that can be used both as a healthy, fresh drink and for cooking. The versatile drinks come in two flavors Pineapple and Carrot-Pineapple – and contain screw-cap covers for optimal storage and use.


10. Tuscanini Sparkling Seltzer Water 



If you’re looking to reduce the sugar and calorie content in your drinks, this seltzer water is an excellent option.  The iconic brand Tuscanini is now offering calorie-free seltzer water in plain, orange, lemon, and grapefruit flavors, and in both standard and smaller 16-ounce sizes. 


11. Tuscanini Crushed Tomatoes 



When cooking for Passover with less variety and fewer ingredients, using quality ingredients is of paramount importance. Enter Tuscanini premium crushed Tuscan tomatoes, crushed and packed fresh in reclosable glass bottles for smart-storage.


12. Tuscanini Tomato Juice



Add this multipurpose tomato juice to your Passover food collection for even more drinking and cooking options. The freshly squeezed tomato juice can be served as a drink or used as a recipe base or additive for meats, poultry, dressings, and soups.


13. Tuscanini Jam 



This blue-ribbon jam recommended by top bakers, chefs, and jam connoisseurs is now available for Passover.  Spread them over matzo and Passover-crackers, and use them to up the quality of your pastries and desserts.


14. Cold Brew Coffee



While we gladly forego life’s little pleasures on Passover, coffee addicts will be glad to indulge a little this year. The organic, ready-to-drink iced-coffee bottles come in two flavors and a caffeinated and decaf option.


15. Manischewitz Macaroons 



If your family likes to stock up on macaroons for Passover, the new flavors will make everyone macaroon-happy this year. The new, modern coffee and earl grey tea flavors are made from natural, wholesome ingredients and are sure to thrill coffee and tea drinkers.


We hope this list of new products helps reduce your pre-Passover stress and enhance your joy this yom tov. Have a kosher, happy, and healthy Passover!