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This Year, Bring a Whiff of Sicily to Your Tu Bishvat Table

This Year, Bring a Whiff of Sicily to Your Tu Bishvat Table

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Tu Bishvat is a few days away. How are you celebrating?

Will you be preparing a Tu Bishvat seder, planting seeds in the backyard, making a family tree, or creating a fun craft with the kids?

All of these ideas are fun and festive, but what if we told you there was another way to uplift the day by bringing your family on an international adventure right in your own home.

This year, travel to Sicily, the land of lemons, and create an easy, citrusy, fruity Sicilian Seder for Tu Bishvat that’s so much more engaging and memorable than biting into dried carob.


Why Sicily, one might wonder? We’re so glad you asked.

Citrus features heavily in Sicilian cuisine, with its light flavor and broad variety. Though lemons grow in many parts of Italy, they’re most often grown on the Amalfi Coast and in Sicily. While the Amalfi Coast claims to be the home of the classic lemon, Sicilian lemons are more widely known and distributed throughout Italy and many European countries. Sicilian lemons are known far and wide for their exquisite, tart taste and sunshine yellow glow.

The most fertile soil and brilliant sunlight converge on this mineral-rich island brings forth a profusion of ripe, bountiful produce: the plump blood oranges, aromatic lemons, mandarino, bergamotto, and the pompelmo rosa. On a stroll through the main market, you’ll spot the biondo comune, the ovale, sanguinella, tarocco, valencia, moro, monachello, and verdello — and that’s just a taste. Sit down to a meal of succulent branzini drizzled with lemon-infused olive oil, slow-roasted lamb prepared with citrus preserves and rosemary, and a dessert of refreshing lemon sorbetto, topped with a fizzy lemony spritz. On a warm afternoon, a fruity sweetness perfumes the air, mingling with the peals of youthful laughter outside neighborhood gelaterias as locals and tourists alike share their remarkable flavor.

It’s this culture and flavor that Tuscanini bottles, jars, and ferries across the shining sea.



With Tuscanini’s magnificent and delicious lemon products, it’s never been easier to turn your home into a Sicilian oasis!

Take a look at Tuscanini’s bright lemony products below. We’ve also included recipes and fun ways of using each of them this Tu Bishvat.



Tuscanini Lemon Sorbetto


Lemon Sorbetto is perfect as is, or it can be used in recipes that elevate its flavors. For Tu Bishvat, you can use it to create a beautiful dessert (see easy recipe below), serve it in a glass with Tuscanini’s Lemon Sparkling Soda poured on top, or scoop it and serve for an after dinner (or after school) treat.

This sorbet dessert that Sina Mizrahi created for us hits all the right notes. It’s impossibly simple and easy to throw together in no time. Although she uses Tuscanini’s Strawberry Sorbet, this recipe would work beautifully with the Lemon Sorbetto as well. As Sina says herself, Tuscanini’s Sorbetto “is the perfect dessert out of the pint.”



Tuscanini Lemon Sparkling Soda


Made from deliciously tart fresh lemons that were picked at the peak of their season, this sparkling fruit soda is perfect for Tu Bishvat. And it’s hard to ignore the beautiful packaging. Not only will the taste evoke a festive feel, but the bottle will too. Pour some Lemon Sorbet over the top, or give it a retro twist and pair with some vanilla ice cream for ice cream floats!

There’s no better way to celebrate a holiday than with a cocktail, and thanks to this mocktail, the kids can enjoy a special drink as well!


Tuscanini 100% Pure Lemon Juice


Each bottle of the Tuscanini Lemon Juice is made with freshly squeezed Sicilian lemons, which makes this a perfect replacement when you need fresh lemon juice in a pinch. Just add a splash of Tuscanini Lemon Juice to anything you’d like to get that true citrus taste, perfect for Tu Bishvat!



Tuscanini Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Thought olive oil was great? Well lemon-infused olive oil is even better. Tuscanini Lemon Infused Olive Oil has a luxurious taste, that adds the perfect finishing touch to any dish in which you would normally use olive oil. Drizzled over fish, caprese salad, pasta, potatoes– you name it. It’s such an easy way to add fruity flavors to your table on Tu Bishvat!


Tuscanini Lemon Ginger Preserves


You’ve probably seen all the foodies and influencers using (and loving) this special ingredient lately. That’s because the flavors are incredible, and it can be used in so many ways. Marinate chicken, spread on sourdough bread, bake into desserts, the options are endless!


Try the recipes below and make a full Sicilian menu for Tu Bishvat!


Lemon-Ginger Crusted Fish

Tempura Chicken with Lemon Ginger Dipping Sauce

Lemon Ginger Chicken

Tahini Lemon Ginger Thumbprint Cookies


Tuscanini Organic Lemonade


Last, but certainly not least, is Tuscanini’s newest addition to their family, Sicilian Lemonade! These organic lemonades are bursting with lemony flavor! Chill these beautiful glass bottles of lemonade and serve them for your family with dinner on Tu Bishvat. The kids will remember the sweet, tart flavor with each sip, planting a seed (no pun intended) of fruity Tu Bishvat memories for a lifetime to come. We love how easy these lemonades make it for us to incorporate the holiday into our homes. It’s the little things in life that make big impact, and these are the perfect example.



Whether you want to incorporate one of these products into an elegant dish, or want to enjoy it straight up, a citrusy, fruity Tu Bishvat has never been so easy.