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WATCH: Sicily’s Salt and Its Pink-Feathered Guardians

Nechami Goldman July 11, 2024

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While Episode 1 of “Tasting Italy” led viewers through the labyrinthine alleyways of ancient and modern Rome, Episode 2, “The Sun-Soaked Salts of Sicily,” is tailored for the curious mind eager to delve into the origins of food and its culinary applications. Viewers are whisked away on a sensory journey through the heart of Sicilian salt production, witnessing picturesque scenes of ancient trucks trundling across rugged landscapes and boats gliding to islands untouched by modern transportation.

The flamingos that frequent these salt flats, their pink hue a result of the beta-carotene in the briny water, are a peculiar phenomenon that adds a magical touch to the landscape. It’s an enchanting interplay between nature and industry.

Episode 2 is more than a culinary exploration; it’s a tribute to the enduring symbiosis of water, sun, and salt, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the humble seasoning that enriches our lives.

Watch & Enjoy!

Mounds of sun-kissed salt

Flamingos Only Beyond This Point

It’s not a Sukkah; it’s a clunker pickup on an impossibly narrow, bumpy path.
Filmmaker Robert Serini with Gianni Borrometi, trundling towards the marina.