Yeshiva Week: The Coolest Masking Tape Art (Great For All Ages!)

Sara and Yossi Goldstein December 21, 2021

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A craft activity that can be adapted for toddlers through tweens? Yes, please! Each age group starts out with a fresh white canvas and painter’s tape. Then they can customize however they choose. Toddlers can use dot paint, young kids can use acrylic paint with paint brushes and spray paint is for the big ones!

This is a great craft for when everyone is off and you need them all to be preoccupied together. 

Have fun!


Canvas Masking Tape Art




White canvases
Dot paint for toddlers
Acrylic paint for ages 6+
Spray paint for ages 11+ (I used glitter spray paint, but any is good)
Painter’s tape
Paint brushes for the acrylic paint
Glitter (optional)




1. Start by making a design on the canvas with painter’s tape. You can make letters, basic shapes, or a funky geometric shape. Cover your work surface.


2. For the toddlers, now let them dot paint away! For the little kids, they’ll need brushes and acrylic paint to create their masterpiece. We went with a snowflake design and added glitter while the paint was still wet for more fun! For the tweens, make sure they are in a well-ventilated area before spraying the paint.


3. Let all the canvases dry completely before peeling away the tape. Ta-da!!



Now that’s something you’ll be thrilled to hang on the wall.