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Your Sassy Sukkah- 5 Ways to Decorate With Rivki Rabinowitz

Your Sassy Sukkah- 5 Ways to Decorate With Rivki Rabinowitz

Remember when sukkahs were just four wooden boards and s’chach? Same. While some bemoan the departure from simpler days of yore, I am forever thrilled at new opportunities to lean in to my creative side.

Here are some concepts that have inspired me, with links to recreate them in your own homes.

1. DIY Frayed Floral Ribbons

Leaning into the soft and feminine side of things, I loved the way these frayed ribbons and the imperfectly tied florals have a current and casual feel. These can be done at a shorter length all across the ceiling so they don’t obstruct dining and view for similar impact. As shown, simple wood, white, and blush accessories would complete this look.

Photo credit: Marie Claire

White linen ribbons

Artificial flowers

2. An Abundance of Wisteria 

Oh, wisteria. Work with me here: I need an excess of these guys hanging in your sukkah, otherwise we can easily teeter into cheesy zone. To drive the classic drama of this look home, I would personally rent a dark tablecloth in velvet for nights, and then a simple white cloth for daytime.

Photo credit: Kristen Weaver

Artificial hanging wisteria

3. Dramatic Peel and Stick Paper

The first sukkah we built, my husband and I covered painstakingly in wallpaper, adhered with tiny little glue dots and then sealed with whatever sanity we had left for such a meticulous project. Since then, I’ve learned about peel and stick paper, and with my tail between my legs, I recommend the same for you. I love the boldness of this scheme, especially since it’s short term and elegant, both concepts you may not want in your homes long term. The laidback rattan light keeps it ironic, and I would accent with more woods and and banana leaves across the center.

Photo credit: Photo Wall

Pendant lamp

4. Hanging Green Fern Baskets

The humble fern never ceases to bring a twinkle to my eye. There are varieties that come with a hook from the top, eliminating the need for these macrame baskets, but I loved the summery freshness they provide. Ideally, I want you using fresh fern, but I know how the fake variety is lower maintenance and reusable, so I won’t stop you. Keep the rest of your details white.

Photo credit: Inside Weddings

Artificial Ferns

Macrame Hanging Baskets

5. Magical Twinkling Lights


The wheel needs no inventing, and twinkly lights are always a wonderful way to create magic instantly. Carry them through the ceiling and onto the walls as well for an immersive experience. What I love about this specific concept is the additional detail of attaching personal photos- driving the point home that amidst the hoopla and the frenzy of prep this is, after all, about family time and tradition. If you have any premeditative ability on your hands, use a Polaroid to take photos of friends and family in their element to drive this idea home. Drive the Gen Z, even borderline kitschy-cute look home with eucalyptus and succulents.

Photo credit (left): Stylish Wedd
Twinkly lights + clothespins

There is a plethora of outdoor entertaining ideas- endlessly creative ideas like dried floral installations, ombre baby’s breath clouds, or table runners made out of flowers, and here are the few that brought a smile to my face. You already know I’ll end with this: whether you have four walls decorated with paper chains and the Ushpizin your children came home with; or you’ve spent weeks working to implement a jaw-dropping look, this holiday is all about family time and taking stock of the opportunities we have as a nation to sit together, express gratitude, and create new memories as we revel in the miracles of old.


Rivki Rabinowitz is an interior-designed trained lifestyle and wellness blogger, host of IG-LIVE-to-podcast show, Kale in My Teeth, and editor of Mishpacha’s interiors magazine, Family Room.

She can be found @rivkirabinowitz, www.rivkirabinowitz.com, and Kale in My Teeth on Spotify and Apple.