The One Trick You Need to Keep Your Urn Sparkling Clean

The One Trick You Need to Keep Your Urn Sparkling Clean

  • Esther Leah

    Cleaning your Urn

    I live in Israel, and "hard water" is part of life here. I have stopped using citric acid to clean my electric kettle and Shabbos urn, after ruining them using citric acid. It is called acid because that is what it is (it's a great way to get rid of rust stains from the stone floors and sinks!). After repeated use, the acid wears away the rubber seals and causes leaks and sometimes short circuits. If the kettles continues to work it is just for a short time and eventually has be to replaced. I have switched to using vinegar. While there is the smell of vinegar during the treatment (You allow the water and vinegar to boil till the stone is gone), but it dissipates shortly after. And as with the citric acid, you must rinse the urn or kettle well (I once forgot to after using citric acid and when I went to make coffee, the milk curdled). There is no aftertaste or smell. It takes about the same amount of time as the citric acid treatments. I offer my advice after several years of experience and several kettles in the trash. Each person should make their own decision of course and in the end it is all good.
    Posted by Esther Leah |January 15, 2020
    Do you just use vinegar or a combination of vinegar and water?
    Reply by Aliza94! | September 23, 2021
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