MyKosher Kids Contest: Everything You Need To Know!

MyKosher Kids Contest: Everything You Need To Know!

  • Rena

    When do we see the winning entries?

    This looks like it will be adorable! When will we be able to see the winning entries and see who the winners are?
    Posted by Rena |May 8, 2020
    Never. No one will ever win because its mathematically impossible to actually watch all the videos in 4 days (close to 40 hrs of watching!) and figure out who's the best. Instead, this is a contest about who's mommy and daddy have the most followers on instagram and how aggressively they begged people to vote for their child. Thank you for the wonderful activity for our children during this time but the "judging" aspect needs to be reworked to keep the title "contest" and not election.
    Reply by A Smith2 | May 17, 2020
    Hi, once voting opens up on we will let everyone know and at the end of the voting, the winners will be announced!
    Reply by raquel_kosher | May 11, 2020
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