8 Tips for Frying Safely this Chanukah

8 Tips for Frying Safely this Chanukah

  • Esther Leah

    Tips for frying safely

    First of all, thank you Esty for the very important article on frying safely. There is one point that should be brought up in the section of putting out the fire (if one should happen). Actually two points. One, not to panic! Seriously, keep your head and when the fire is out you can allow yourself to "break down". When you smother the fire, it is very important to turn off or remove from the source of fire under the pot or frying pan. I am speaking from experience! And as Esty stated, do NOT throw water on the fire! I was out one evening and my children decided to make popcorn. Somehow a fire started in the pot and they threw water on the pot. The fire went straight up to the ceiling of my kitchen and all of the way across the room. Baruch Hashem, no one was hurt and the only damage was soot and the trail of smoke all the way across my kitchen. I didn't let them paint it over for the longest time, because everytime I looked at it I remembered how fortunate I/we were that no one was hurt. It could have turned out different. Again, thanks for this great Web site.
    Posted by Esther Leah |December 10, 2017
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