Watch Our Amazing Birthday Cake Come to Life

Watch Our Amazing Birthday Cake Come to Life

  • Yaeli K

    Happy Birthday

    HI and to the all most wonderful chefs and cooks who share such exciting videos and recipes with the community, i must say i literally check up every day to make sure i don't miss any new video LOL and when there is a new video popping up ,gosh the kids know so well that now is mommy's time to make a good mommy and there will be something special for supper cuz my kids love something different ! BUT now for real, i honestly thought that kosher .com is something old i was sure when i saw happy birthday signs i was sure it's your 10/15th birthday so ya u kind of gave me a huge shock and surprised that it has so much amazing recipes in just a year , WOW wow , so now my blessing to all of u : may god bless u with happy and healthy years ahead till 120, amen.... love u all and your recipes Yaeli Klein PS pls make sure to publices this website so more people can enjoy and benefit from it....
    Posted by Yaeli K |January 25, 2018
    Thanks so much Yaeli!
    Reply by Chaiaadmin | January 25, 2018
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