Making the Impossible Possible: The New Kosher Cheeseburger

Making the Impossible Possible: The New Kosher Cheeseburger

  • Tobi Kats

    Where has the Frum world come to?

    I am personally sickened by this article. What will happen if a frum jew never tasted a cheeseburger!? Or crab, or bacon for which b"h there are now substitutes so that chas veshalom there shouldn't exist a single materialistic thing we haven't tried. As a site who's very name should show its content I was nauseated, specially since you had the audacity to send this article as part of a post-Tisha Bav fast email , as if to say-OK, mourning the Golus is over, lets go and Kosher-ise the the thing that most symbolizes non kosher food. I think this article and the genuine hype and excitement you bring about it just highlight the sad fact that jews today are so deep in Golus they don't even see what is wrong with making a cheeseburger kosher...
    Posted by Tobi Kats |August 1, 2018
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