• Esther Leah

    Gefilte Fish

    About a year and a half ago, I took a recipe from Kosher Scoop that was posted by Brynie Greisman. The recipe is frozen loaf of fish baked on a bed of sauted vegtables and a sauce of tomato paste/with mayonaise or mariana or whatever one wants. First of all, it is really a great recipe that you should post on kosher.com. My question to Brynie is can this be baked and then frozen. If I recall, I think a footnote said it could, but I want to be sure. I want to make it for Shabbos and I want to make it before Rosh Hashanah.(Ichanged it a bit, the recipe called for celery and green peppers, which I do not care for. I sauted red peppers and took tomatoes that were for cooking, and I peeled them and let them "melt" into the onion and pepper saute. I added garlic salt and a tablespoon of onion soup mix. On top of the fish, I made a sauce of tomato paste, mayonnaise and a bit if ketchup). My pickiest eaters, who normally do not touch fish, asked for doubles, and would have eaten more if there was enough). This really a great recipe. Thanks Brynie, and all of Kosher.com. A good Shabbos and I appreciate the help. (I covered the fish as it baked and basted it every once in a while)
    Posted by Esther Leah |September 15, 2017
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