Fragrant Etrog Cake

Fragrant Etrog Cake

  • Marcia Levinson

    Something is wrong with this recipe

    In step 5 it says to add all ingredients by "alternating flour mixture with egg mixture" . There is nothing to alternate the flour with. We tried just adding the flour mixture and it almost caused our mixer to stall. Only when we added the oil did we get something resembling a batter that could be manipulated. Also there is way too much orange juice for the glaze. I think that the 1 c of orange juice that is said to be for the glaze is what should be added alternately with the flour mixture and the tbs only for the glaze. The cake as made was edible but the glaze was useless, with the consistency of orange juice and not glaze like at all when the full cup of orange juice was used.
    Posted by Marcia Levinson |November 2, 2017
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