Creamy Mushroom-Broccoli Lasagna

Creamy Mushroom-Broccoli Lasagna

  • Esther Leah

    Creamy Mushroom - broccoli lasagna

    I made this for Shavuos, and it was good. After Shavuos, I saw a review by "Yehudis", that there was no mention of salt in the broccoli mixture. So I looked and she is right. However, I was interested in using this for a family buffet party, so I did it again only this time I added about two teaspoons of salt and about 3/4 of a teaspoon of pepper to the broccoli mixture. I also added a half package more of mushrooms. I again used gluten free noodles. It was so good that I had to warn my "kitchen help a.k.a my daughters helping me set up" to stop "just tasting",, so that there would be something left for the party. Even my "broccoli haters" scraped the dish to the last drop. It really is an amazing and delicious and not difficut recipe. Anyone looking for a lasagna recipe that is a bit "above", this is it!! (Just remember to add the salt!)
    Posted by Esther Leah |June 19, 2017
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