Savory Roasted Chicken with Honey Glaze

Savory Roasted Chicken with Honey Glaze

  • Sheila Jacobsohn

    Great recipe - we loved it.

    Made this chicken in the oven for Shabbat. Changed it a bit - did not add any salt because our chickens have enough salt -- instead of thyme (which we don't prefer), used basil -- it was too messy to mince the clove of garlic, so used 1 teaspoon of garlic powder -- for the glaze, used regular mustard and plain vinegar! We thought it might need some liquid, but as it cooked, the juices were released from the chicken and spices and it came out excellent. Our grandchildren couldn't get enough of it! Thanks for a great recipe. Oh yes - in Jerusalem we don't buy the "brands" you mentioned in the recipe as they are rather expensive - using good old Osem ketchup and Telma mustard and Sugat brown sugar didn't change the taste, I'm sure.
    Posted by Sheila Jacobsohn |July 8, 2018
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