Family-Favorite Challah

Family-Favorite Challah

  • Zisi

    Looks beautiful- one side comment

    My husband recently was preparing a shiur on the varrious minhagim of R"H and informed me that there is strong reasoning to make your round challahs out of one long strand. The Metzriem used to make their bread out of many strands braided together to symbolize their various gods, so when Bnei Yisroel left Mitrayim, in order to symbolize 1 G-d as their king, they made challah out of i strand rolled up. With time, and being removed from Mitzrayim, we adopted the standard braided challah (which has deep roots in kaballah for the symbolization of 2 "vav"s and 6 strands used). But during the time of year that we are re-anointing our King, we are supposed to go back to the round challah made from one strand. There is another opinion that the minhag comes from making the challah look like a crown. In that case you can argue that a braided round challah is more crown-like :-)
    Posted by Zisi |September 9, 2018
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