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Addictive Crispy Potatoes


Submitted by Chumy Lehv


This simple side will become a staple at any meal you may be preparing; it can be dressed up to fit the nicest of Shabbat meals or served casually as a side to any weeknight meal. It’s also perfect for hosting during the week or a movie night! It’s so easy, and made with things you’ve already got in your pantry. I’m asked to make them as “my dish” whenever I’m invited out or hosting friends for dinner.
I find that four potatoes will serve 2-3 people, so adjust recipe as needed.



Cut the potatoes into wedges- I like to make them uniform by cutting them into quarters lengthwise, and then turning them into 1/8s.


In a bowl, coat the wedged potatoes with the oil, making sure they’re covered entirely to ensure they crisp up properly.


Mix in the spices, saving the salt to sprinkle on when they’re hot out of the oven.


Make sure the potatoes are covered with spices on all sides.


In a flat pan or baking sheet, spread some of the oil to ensure the wedges don’t stick to the pan and burn. Line the wedges side to side, with the wedge side to the pan and the skin exposed on the side to get it nice and crispy.


Bake on 415°F for 15 minutes, or until you see that they’ve browned and the insides are soft.


Sprinkle with salt when removing the pan from the oven.