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Ahi Tartare


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The Day Before

1. Cut tuna into logs and marinate overnight in fridge. Use a mixture of 30% honey, 70% soy sauce, with freshly chopped cilantro. If marinating on the same day, marinate for minimum of two to three hours.
2. Before beginning the recipe, add shaved fennel and saffron to a cup containing a mixture of water and half a pinch of saffron and leave in fridge overnight.

The Recipe

1. Prepare a pan over high heat flame, add olive oil to coat pan, sear tuna log on each side for just a few seconds. Then let cool for several minutes in fridge.
2. While tuna rests, mix chickpeas, edamame, and togarashi into a pan for a few minutes to sear the outside of the edamame. Remove and place into bowl to cool.
3. Halve and pit an avocado, then slice.


1. Place a bed of your chickpea and edamame mixture onto a plate. Add avocado slices on top.
2. Remove chilled tuna from fridge, slice and place alongside the avocado slices.
3. Add the fennel from the water solution on top, along with some shaved radish.
4. Use your honey mixture as a topping.