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Asian Shabbos Noodles


Submitted by Chaya Meisels


Shabbos menus-especially Shabbos lunch ones- have been a challenge for me to make. I don’t like liver or eggs or any of the classics and so I’m always struggling to come up with something that could work and be delicious at the same time! This simple and easy recipe can be for Friday night or any day of the week. When I tried thinking of what to put on my table besides for cholent -it hit me since I love Asian food I decided I’ll just add some with deli because there’s no rules when it comes to cooking!

A bunch of people have asked me, “What can I make Shabbos lunch since I’m having guests?”

I tell them about this easy-quick-to-prepare recipe and they always tell me it’s a hit!



Heat the noodles in boiling water for about 5 minutes.


Drain and let it cool off a bit.


Prepare the sauce in a small bowl and pour over the noodles.


Sprinkle the sesame seeds over for nice color.


Lastly spread the deli croutons of your choice over everything and enjoy!