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Casa Sarabella Argentine Chicken


From @casasarabella Hayom Yom Shlishi Series (Just for fun account) Liluyi Nishmas my father Rav Aron ben Harav Menachem Mendel A’H   My mother, THE original Kosher food guru and gourmet cook, who gave me my love for cooking and feeding others, discovered Argentine Chicken. Way before there were sheet pan dinners, my mother was cooking this fragrant, flavorful international all-in-one chicken vegetable potato dinner. So not my mother’s style of cooking (I have never seen my mother cook dinner in one pot and serve just one dish!!), but it was a family favorite! Here is my version!   My father A”H took great pride and joy in experiencing my Mother’s cooking at my table; he loved my version as does everyone else! Warning … you’re gonna be making this on repeat!   And yes … another Fearless Cooking Recipe! No measuring! Substitute ingredients based on flavor preference. Trust your cooking instincts … this recipe can’t be messed up!  


1. Scatter some/all(!) the marinating ingredients over the chicken and gently rub into the chicken. Marinate (for a few hours) in a ziploc bag.
2. You know my rules! Chicken room temp an hour before roasting. Preheat oven. No sugars to worry about burning, and vegetables love heat, so be brave, go for the crisp and set your oven to 375-400!
3. On a cookie sheet, place the vegetables and potatoes in a single layer. You can either marinate earlier with same chicken ingredients but in a separate bag, or just drizzle and mix in some EVOO, red wine vinegar and spices.
4. Discard accumulated juices in the ziploc bag and place chicken skin-side down on the vegetables.
5. Roast chicken for 40-45 minutes, and then do the chicken flip. Drain some of the accumulating excess liquid (crispy skin!) and cook another 35- 45 minutes. Chicken is ready when the skin is crisp, the vegetables are starting to collapse, and those smushed potatoes are calling your name! Total cook time 75-90 minutes.


Remember: Secret Ingredient is love! Sprinkle generously!