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Beef with Okra


This Middle Eastern dish is chock-full of flavor! The beef comes out tender, flavorful, and will make your tastebuds sing! Okra is often used in Southern cooking, such as Gumbo, and is helpful in thickening up the dish. It is an edible plant, and truly adds to this amazing dish!



Cook the whole chunk of meat in water for about an hour and a half. Add salt to taste near the end of cooking.


Remove meat from water and cool, then cut into cubes. Save about two to three cups of the broth and set aside.


Sauté onion in oil until soft and transparent.


Lower flame and add tomato paste, mixing with a wooden spoon and simmering until the oil and tomato paste are fully incorporated, about five minutes.


Add about half of the beef broth and mix well. Let simmer for another few minutes.


Add meat cubes and mix well. Let simmer for a while.


Add okra and let cook in the liquid.


Add additional beef broth so that the liquid just covers the meat and okra. Bring to a boil and add seasoning, tasting and adjusting as needed. (It should taste slightly sour.)


Arrange the tomato slices over the beef and okra. Lower flame, then shake the pan slightly to mix the sauce. Cover and let cook slowly for an hour.